New Offer to Offer a Payment and Parking Facility on a Main Road in Mysuru

The Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) has decided to try a third time to introduce a payment and parking system on the main commercial hub of the city – Devaraj Urs Road.

The company's two previous attempts to bid private parties were coldly received. The municipal body proposed to introduce such a center on a busy road, on the advice of the municipal police and residents.

"We are making a third attempt and hope to have some takers as we plan to relax some of the conditions of the proposal," said MCC Commissioner K.H. Jagadish.

The MCC had previously proposed to operate the parking spaces on the basis of a revenue sharing. The commissioner said L & # 39; Hindu that the CMC would also consider using the facility alone if it failed to attract private actors for the third time. When the issue of parking problems was raised at a meeting with the Minister of Urban Development, the U.T. Khader last week, he asked MCC officials to deal with the city parking crisis and ensure the establishment of a payment and park system.

Traders use parking on roads such as Devaraj Urs and Sayyaji Rao streets to park their vehicles, depriving tourists and buyers of the facility. According to the locals, about 90% of the cars parked on the Devaraj Urs road belong to traders or businessmen. As a result, the surrounding roads are cluttered with vehicles parked at random.

Mr. Jagadish stated that the MCC had decided to operate the City Hall parking lot following public complaints about the operator that the municipal body had identified for its operation. and its maintenance.