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Whenever you contact a customer to ask for time, you make some decisions. The first decision you make is about the media you choose. If you request a meeting, different choices are available to you and a greater or lesser probability of achieving the desired result, in this case, a meeting.

If you choose e-mail as a medium, you choose a medium that is not particularly suitable for acquiring meetings. Email is something that is easy to ignore, and as you are not present, there is no way for you to resolve your dream customer's concerns to give you time. Sometimes they politely refuse your request, and at other times (perhaps most of the time), they simply delete the email and continue their work.

The phone still reigns as the best way, especially because almost everyone you want to reach is never more than 36 inches away from their phone (it turns out that any distance greater than 36 inches causes breathing hurts and in some cases, violent convulsions). A phone call allows a conversation, a synchronous and non-asynchronous communication, such as an email, where there is a long pause between exchanges. If your potential customer has concerns, you are there to respond, which greatly increases your chances of getting a meeting, if you can afford it.

The second decision is what you offer value in trading for your dream client's time. If you want more success, you can trade something for the benefit of your dreamed customer even if he never buys you. The market value rule is essential (for more information, see The Lost Art of Closing). If your client does not recognize the interest of meeting you, you facilitate the rejection of your request and do something else with his time.

If you can exchange views, ideas, new ideas or interesting experiences they can benefit from, it's not worth deciding to buy from you. When you play the great privilege of hearing about yourself, your business, your sites and your solutions, you push people like a skunk to the garden party.

If you want to facilitate prospecting, improve yourself.

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