The formation of roosters begins well before Sankranti

Many organizers of cockfights bet millions of rupees during Sankranti started preparing their chickens to try their luck this year. Only one month away from the festival, the organizers discover new arenas to lead the fighting and avoid any detection.

In response to a Public Interest Litigation (PIL), the High Court reviewed the case several times from January to April and called on officials for not stopping the fighting.

He summoned the chief secretary, Dinesh Kumar, and the general manager, Mr. Malakondaiah, to ask them to submit the list of representatives of the public who participated in the match.

Based on the evidence of the video footage, the police reportedly submitted the names of a deputy, six deputies, two deputies, ZPTC, MPTC, corporators and other leaders.

"The police have identified 4,552 places where the fighting was organized. We registered 3,228 cases, arrested 7,123 people and seized Ł 53.73 between January 5 and 18, "said a police officer. He stated that 1,463 cases were recorded in Krishna district, 925 in East Godavari, 634 in West Godavari, 71 in Vijayawada Commissionerate, 48 in Guntur (Rural) and 38 in the Rajamahendravaram police district.

Each year, thousands of roosters die during the harvest festival and the green rice fields are drenched with blood, especially in the western and eastern districts of Godavari and Krishna.

The workforce is imported from various locations, trained and sold at a good price. The price depends on the species, the color, the size, the stamina, the games won and the fighting techniques. They are fed a protein diet to increase endurance. Astrologers will intervene to predict the chances of birds gaining.

High stakes

Millions of rupees change hands every year, and visitors from different states, NICs, celebrities, real estate agents and businessmen come in large numbers to enjoy the game.

While the state government, bird lovers, animal rights organizations and the High Court have been trying to stop the game for a few years and that the police are raiding, gamblers are looking for new land this year.

In accordance with the court's instructions, the IRS, livestock, police and other services are conducting awareness programs against blood sport. Village, Mandal and District Committees were formed to put an end to this age-old practice.

Villagers are informed of court orders and proceedings brought under the Animal Cruelty Prevention Act 1960 and the Gambling Act 1974, through banners and d & # 39; posters.

In the previous Sankranti, we conducted 4,950 awareness programs. This year, we are taking all necessary measures to prevent fights, said one official.