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Would you give up your comfort for the discomfort of looking at ideas and beliefs that you do not agree with if it involves new choices and new results? Could you give up your strongest beliefs?

Do you want to give up your experience and your ability to take on the role of beginner? Would you like to take on the role of student? Is it possible to abandon what you have learned to assimilate new information and acquire new experiences?

Could you give up the habits you developed during your life and exchange them for new habits, even if it meant devoting yourself to building them over the next 6 months? If that's what you had to do to get what you really want, can you?

Are you ready to try something new even if you run the risk of failing – or even embarrassing yourself in the process of practicing something necessary to get closer to your goals?

Will you give the same advice that you would give to others if they had to accept the discomfort of ideas they do not like, abandon the skills they have acquired over time, develop new habits that are difficult to manage and risk of failing and perhaps even a loss of face if it meant that they would achieve their goals.

If what you are doing now was enough for you to reach your goals, you would already have them. You can have everything you want, provided you are willing to pay the price and you persist long enough to have it. To pay this price, you must give up your comfort, your beliefs, your experience and your habits. It means that you are taking new information, even information, ideas and beliefs that you have resisted – and that you may vehemently and publicly opposed.

To have what you want, you have nothing to give, but you must give what is necessary. What is needed is not always easy to give.

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