Ashok Gehlot or Sachin Pilot? The legislative party of the Congress will meet on December 12

The Congress Legislative Party (CLP) will meet on Wednesday to gather the views of newly elected MPs on the selection of the Chief Minister and on other issues. Their opinions will be forwarded to party chairman Rahul Gandhi.

Avinash Pande, Secretary General of the Congress in charge of the State, said Tuesday that this was the usual practice. "Mr Gandhi will make the final decision and the CLP will meet again in the evening to explore the issue," he said.

With former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Pradesh Sachin Pilot's Congress President asserting that the post of Chief Minister was not important to them, Mr. Pande said the decision would be made " as soon as possible".

Secretary General of Congress and party observer, K.C. Venugopal monitors the situation.

Gehlot said results in Rajasthan and other states showed that Gandhi's chart was on the rise and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's chart was "collapsing".

Gehlot said the people were suffering under the BJP and that the country was paying a heavy price to the "wrong decisions and policies" of the NDA government, including demonetization.

"The arrogant approach of the BJP to build an India without a Congress will never succeed. Congress will bounce back with more force, "he said.

As Congressional trends leading to power in the state became clear, Pilot told reporters that the defeat of the BJP was imminent since he lost the by-elections held at the local, Lok Sabha and a seat in the Assembly earlier this year.

Pilot described the victory as "a gift to Mr. Gandhi on the first anniversary of his nomination to the presidency of Congress."

Mr. Pilot, charged with rebuilding the Congress in the state after his defeat at the 2013 Assembly election, said the party would welcome support from all parties "sharing the same ideas and anti-BJP.