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Beware of those who tell you that you can have what you want without doing the necessary work. If the price you have to pay does not match the promised result, the promise is untrue. The person selling the lie is a quack. Instead, look for the guide who calls you to adventure and tells you that you will have to transform yourself to have what you want.

Avoid the advice of those who do not already have what you want. There are more people who can tell you what to do without ever having done what they advise you to do, than real models.

Ignore the advice not to compare yourself to others. If there is a gap between the results you produce and those that another person is producing in certain areas, recognizing this gap can provide a vision of what is possible for you. Moreover, the person who produces the result is a model for the beliefs and behaviors needed to achieve the desired results.

Shortcuts are almost never worth taking. You can graduate without attending college by paying online. You will quickly have a piece of paper, but you will not be better educated without doing the work of acquiring knowledge. If you want to get a given result, investing your time, energy and resources to get it is the fastest way to achieve that result.

Look for ideas that scare you or push you away. If an idea scares you, emotional reaction is a reaction in which you recognize something that conflicts with what you believe to be good and right and true. If that pushes you away, there is evidence of conflict. Most of us carry beliefs that represent a partial truth, and the discovery of other parts of the truth presents value and improvement.

Science is the only human effort that continually corrects itself over time. We are getting closer to the truth because we are willing to admit that we have been wrong and to gather new information. If you have not changed your beliefs about things that you have considered true for years or decades, you are not getting closer to the truth. If you are not mistaken or are not skeptical enough about what you believe now to challenge your beliefs about new information, you are not growing. Do not be afraid to make mistakes.

Lost hours lead to lost days. Lost days lead to lost weeks. Wasted weeks lead to wasted months. Lost months lead to lost years. The lost years lead to a wasted life, and the only one you will ever have. Take care of the life you want now.

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