12 unique gifts for hard-to-buy people on your list

As if the holidays were not already stressful enough, add to that the pressure of looking for a gift for those hard-to-shop people.

A list came to mind with the thought of it: people who have everything, people who are minimalist devotees, people who just can not be amazed. While it's nice to plunge your head into the sand and let them take care of their own needs, no one enjoys the delicate feeling of forgotten gratitude – or guilt-ridden vacation gatherings.

Fortunately, no feeling will be a problem if you offer one of the following 12 gifts.

1. Martin OneOddBird backpack in leather and nylon

This lightweight, water-resistant drawstring backpack is the perfect gift for any woman in your life, whether it's your girlfriend or your favorite colleague. She can take it to the office or gym or wear it as she races in town.

The bright colors give this bag a touch of pop while providing enough protection so that valuables – such as his favorite pair of sunglasses – are not damaged. The backpack is available at OneOddBird and comes with a gift tag; shipping is free.

2. NatureBox

Nibbling wisely throughout the day is not as easy as it looks. NatureBox Solves this problem by shipping a box full of delicious snacks based on real ingredients, such as sriracha cashews, Belgian mini waffles, Turkish apricots and teriyaki beef steak.

There are also vegan and gluten free options. Best of all, it's the gift you get – you can choose five snacks at $ 20, $ 10 at $ 30 or $ 20 at $ 50.

3. Oculus Go

Whether it's a concert or the latest blockbuster, everyone wants the best place at home. Oculus Go can offer this experience without forcing you to spend a fortune for places in the first row.

This all-in-one headset is portable. you can meet friends via VR, wherever they are in the world, to live together your sports events, concerts, TV shows or your favorite movies.

4. Fancy sock

My inner child can not stand this, but every year my mother asks me what I want for Christmas. My answer: "Socks". I can not be the only one to lose, destroy or constantly give socks to drier deities throughout the year.

Fancy sock Solves this problem because it's a monthly sock subscription that sends unique and eye-catching socks for only $ 11.

5. Ring

Do you want to give some peace of mind to people who are hard to shop for your life? So I suggest the Ring doorbell I'm sure you've seen the commercials, but if it's not the case, it's a smart doorbell that monitors the movements around a house. When you press the doorbell, an application makes a VOIP video call on a smartphone or tablet.

TThis means that the homeowner can open his door no matter where he is. It can also view previously saved images and share them with neighbors.

6. Roomba

Who would not want a robot that automatically cleans carpets or hardwood floors? the Roomba The robot vacuum varies from $ 299.99 to $ 949.99, depending on the features of the model.

For example, the i7 will empty its dust bin into a larger bag and automatically return to its charging station after cleaning is complete. It is also compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant from Amazon. Set it up according to a schedule and your recipient will no longer have to think about cleaning the floors.

7. Skyroam Solis

If you know someone who works at home, it is probably the best gift you can offer. It is a small Wi-Fi hotspot that provides reliable 4G Internet access. Users can also connect up to five computers, phones or other devices at once, and the battery lasts up to 16 hours. Do not forget to include the pay-per-view option that charges $ 9 per GB of data.

8. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon's highly popular voice-activated speaker can be used to listen to music, ask questions, or organize a smart home or office (for example, controlling temperature or light).

As Alexa becomes more and more intelligent, you can also use Echo Dot to play games and follow your fitness goals. And you have to like the price now: $ 29.99 more on Amazon.

9. Rod toy

Whether it's for your own children, your nephews and nieces, or for your best friend's kids, you do not want to give them any toy. You want to give them something exciting and informative, like this robot called Cozmo.

Cozmo can teach children to use their imagination and their code, a skill they can use throughout their lives. This large-scale robot is available on Amazon.

10. HydroFlask

During the coldest months of the year, this water bottle – and its double-walled vacuum insulation – will keep drinks warm for about six hours. When the weather warms up, drinks can stay cool for 24 hours.

This makes this water bottle the perfect companion for the gym, the beach or simply for shopping. It is available on Amazon for $ 22.50.

11. Vector the right robot

Why should children have all the fun? Should not adults also be able to enjoy their own robots? With Vector, they can. This little robot can alert you to the weather, take pictures, play the role of pizza timer or even play the role of your blackjack dealer when nothing happens. Vector will soon integrate with Alexa; you can buy your own useful robot on Anki USA.

12. Lifeproof FRĒ Line

Smartphones are not cheap, so if you know someone who just dropped a small fortune on the latest smartphone, this smartphone case will be his favorite gift of the year. It is waterproof, snow, dust and falls, which means it will protect its investment without breaking the bank at the last minute. $ 35.99.

We all have at least one "hard" person on our holiday shopping list, but gifts like these can relieve some of the stress – and make the holidays much more enjoyable.

Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson

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