Steve Blank How do you apply lean to digital health and life sciences?

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Five years ago, we integrated life sciences into evidence-based entrepreneurship: we taught the first class of Launchpad Lean Lean at UCSF, then at NIH and Imperial College. But it's been a while since I was in a room entirely made up of entrepreneurs in the life sciences sector. I was so excited to visit IndieBio, a life sciences accelerator in San Francisco. Think of IndieBio as a "Y-Combinator for Life Sciences with a wet lab" and you get what they're trying to do. This is a four-month program to help new biotechnology companies build their businesses. This funding has an initial funding of $ 250,000.

I met Arvind Gupta, founder and CEO of IndieBio, and explained how Lean methods apply to the life sciences.

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The first half of the conversation is about Lean and his origins.

The second half is about its applicability in the digital life and health sciences.

6:19 PM: Why does the Lean Startup work for startups in the life sciences sector?

7:20 pm: The origins of Lean and I-Body

10:34 pm: Your science is not a business

26:53: Your investors may love you but that's not the reason they're funding you

35:30: Lean is a bounding box around an infinite uncertainty

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