Rajya Sabha approves President's proclamation for J & K

The Minister of the Interior of the Union, Rajnath Singh, said on Thursday that the government had no objection to legislative elections being held in Jammu and Kashmir with the Lok polls. Sabha later this year if the Electoral Commission (EC) wished.

Responding to a discussion related to a statutory resolution on the President's proclamation under section 356 concerning J & K, which was approved by the House after a debate, Mr. Singh stated that the organization was the mandate of the EC and that the Center would provide the necessary security. forces to allow the same thing.

Opposing the opposition's accusations that Congress, the National Conference and the PDP were not allowed to form a government after the fall of the PDP-BJP government, Singh said there was no had such a plot. He added that this was not the first time the governor's regime had been imposed in the state, saying that once it had remained in force uninterrupted for six years.

Responding to the observation of opposition leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, according to which the governor of J & K, who held the legislative and executive powers, had proposed 55 amendments to various laws, the minister of the 39 Interior said that changes had been made to the Panchayati Raj law in order to increase the financial power of Panchayats and give them additional responsibilities of primary education and health centers.

Acting allegations of alienation of the people of J & K, he stated that it was wrong to hold the BJP and his government accountable, the alienation feeling prevailing even before the # 39; independence. He added that the BJP-led government had taken initiatives to reduce alienation and was ready even for unconditional talks with the Hurriyat.

Singh said that by taking the risk of holding elections for Panchayats and urban bodies, the Center had strengthened the grassroots democratic structure.

"Great improvement"

Claiming that the situation at J & K had improved significantly, the minister said that in 1995, 5,938 terrorist incidents had been reported, while in 2017, there were had only 342.

Earlier, starting the discussion, Mr. Azad asked why elections had not taken place after the BJP withdrew from the state government. Mr. Azad, who supported the resolution, held the BJP accountable for the "100%" alienation, alleging that his government had instituted a culture of identification of those responsible in the administration of the administration. l & # 39; State.

Mr. Azad said that during the past four years, the maximum number of ceasefire violations had been reached and that a large number of people living along the international border had been affected . Calling this period of gold for the state under the previous congressionally-led regime, he described Kashmir as known for the harmony and development of his community when the BJP took power.

The top congressional official also accused the government of not creating enough job opportunities for young people, claiming that highly educated young men such as doctors, engineers and PhDs had joined the activism over the past four years.

In response to Mr. Azad, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said it was not possible for Congress to evade responsibility for the situation at J & K over the years. He added that the state's stone yard incidents had started in the "golden" era, in 2010.