25 last-minute gifts for office geek in all of us

As entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers, we all have office spaces that we like to call ourselves. And with so many gadgets and tech toys on the market for work and play, it's easy to run away. Now, during the holidays, you can add other items to your wish list or call a geek colleague. Check out these 50 gift ideas to make this season a very geek season.

1. LogiTech MeetUp Video Collaboration Tool

LogiTech MeetUp is an all-in-one conference camera designed for small spaces. It has a 120 ° field of view, which is the ideal size for meeting rooms or small conference rooms that can accommodate up to eight people. There are no long cables or stunning configurations for this plug and play video collaboration tool.

2. Art on canvas Ikonick

They say that the art is in the eye of the beholder, that is why Ikonick offers you hundreds of inspiring on-demand murals. Starting at just $ 90 for a 12 "x 18" format for frameless canvas printing, you'll find all kinds of inspiring themes including money, travel, culture, sports and more. They accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Amazon Pay and Paypal on their online sales site with shipping available worldwide.

3. GoPower Electric Bikes


GoExpress combines urban cruising and off-road driving in one foldable electric bike. It is the ideal solution for city-dwellers who also like to ride their bike in the hills or on the sand at weekends. The company also manufactures the Go Express City electric bike, which can travel a distance of 36 miles with a single battery complete with pedaling assistance and 18 km with electric assistance. A full charge only costs four cents, making it an excellent solution for commuting.

4. Meural Digital Art Display

Meural offers more ways to bring your office walls to life with this digital art display. Simply upload your own images via the Meural app or website. From there, images are digitized and transformed into artistic displays that change digitally in a simple gesture, with the help of Alexa, or via the Meura application or website. You can also choose from thousands of other works of art available at Meural if you want to display something different from your own pictures.

5. iOttie wireless charging pad

iOttie-Wireless Charging Pad,

iOttie offers some of the fastest wireless chargers available for smartphones. The larger version of iON Wireless Plus is available in ruby, ash or ivory, while the iON Wireless version is a very compact but powerful version of the larger charger, but it is perfect for a small home or office.

6. Allocacoc PowerCube

Allocacoc PowerCube

Allocacoc's PowerCube cube takes the traditional power strip and modernizes it for today's technology-centric office. It has more features than the old power strips. There are USB ports with a stackable system that makes it more functional and smaller. Different cube models add other features such as extended functionality with Wi-Fi.

7. Suitable desk stand and case for iPhone

Adequate phone support

The appropriate desktop stand for iPhone is designed for accessibility and convenience and is suitable for iPhone and Apple Watch products. It is made from solid aluminum and offers a unique design to handle all the cables so they do not get the upper hand on your desk. Features include a magnetic mount and removable magnetic puck, which can be used to locate cables and keys. Proper also offers durable soft shell cases for iPhone, including Series 6 to X, in three colors.

8. Paww SilkSound Wireless Headphones

Paww SilkSound Wireless Headphones

Paww offers this futuristic wireless headset that lets you enjoy all your music while working without distracting anyone. Lightweight and compact, they offer Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connectivity, two custom Neodymium drivers for incredible sound, hands-free calling, and over eight hours of playback. You can pair your Paww SilkSound headset with multiple devices at once, including your iPad, laptop, smartphone, and even virtual assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant.

9. Reolink Argus Pro solar powered security camera

Reolink Argus Pro Solar Powered Security Camera

Reolink offers an eco-friendly way to secure the perimeter of your home office with a 100% wireless rechargeable battery and a solar-powered WiFi security camera for exteriors and interiors. It provides 1080p HD images and bidirectional sound as well as night vision and motion detector. The security camera is also weather resistant, guaranteeing that your office remains protected all year round.

10. Hudley Wireless Smart Heads-Up Vehicle Display

Hudley ensures the safety of your office when you take your desk while keeping your eyes on the road with this intelligent head-up display for your vehicle. You can access the navigation and diagnostics of the vehicle without leaving the road of the eyes, so that all information is directly in your field of vision. It is also possible to speak and send SMS without even reaching your smartphone.

11. Anker PowerHouse USB Device Charger

Anker offers a clean and powerful charge for all types of devices. It includes everything from mini-refrigerators to flashlights, Bluetooth speakers, laptops, smartphones and mobile devices. As the world's smallest and most portable 400Wh (Watt-hour) power supply, it has been designed to guide you wherever you want so you can take your office wherever you are.

12. FlexiSpot Bike Desk

The FlexiSpot bike desk is the right way to perform multiple tasks at once. You will be able to get exercise time, endurance and do your work. After a few laps on the bike counter, it seems natural to pedal by typing emails, writing or participating in conference calls.

13. Table of Sisyphus

The Sisyphus table adds a cool piece of furniture to your desk. It is a meditative kinetic sculpture that can also be used as a side table or coffee table. If you love art and technology, this custom table, made by hand, is for you. It has a metal ball that rolls through the sand inside the table, creating, destroying and recreating all types of patterns. The Sisbot robot can be programmed to create different models so that it changes constantly.

14. DEEBOT OZMO 930 floor cleaning robot

Keep your desk flawless with the DEEBOT OZMO 930 floor cleaning robot. It includes the latest floor cleaning technology with a complete system including an electronically controlled water pump. The robot vacuum cleaner and cleaning system includes sensors that monitor the water flow, as well as a control system that provides a constant cleaning result. This is the first robotic vacuum cleaner with adaptive soil detection, which can therefore change cleaning mode according to its current function. The application provides mapping, scheduling and support technology for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

15. Bttn IoT Office Device

The bttn IoT device should be one of the most exciting new ways to show that IoT connectivity will change the way we work. This on-demand device supports office tasks, such as replenishing office supplies, marking timesheets, and booking meeting rooms. It can also be used as standalone connectivity as opposed to connecting an entire office.

16. Epson BrightLink Pro interactive meeting screen

Epson BrightLink Pro platforms help create interactive displays for meeting rooms, including linking and sharing information from multiple sources. Connect Brightlink Pro to your computer and instantly get a digital whiteboard, video-conferencing screen, or tablet while connected to your computer. It is ideal for internal collaborations and offers remote teams a way to feel involved.

17. Sharing Airtame 2 Wireless Screen

Airtame 2 offers a way to share the screen and organize meetings from any device. You can share from computers, mobile devices, TVs and projectors without having to worry about wires and cables. It supports complete video and audio. Airtame Cloud provides you with the ability to manage any device, whether you're at the office, sitting at a conference table or at a desk, or remote.

18. Hard Drives and SSDs encrypted on iStorage hardware

iStorage offers a wide range of encrypted and hard disk drives and SSDs to provide extra protection for your data when you travel or store in a home office. Security hardware is authenticated by a pin to ensure the security of all your information. You can choose from several sizes, including desktop, flash and notebook, as well as many color options.

19 Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew 10-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with WiFi

Every office needs a smarter coffee maker, especially if it is equipped with WiFi. You can use the WeMo app on any mobile phone to start coffee preparation, set reminders and set the time of coffee preparation. The coffee maker also offers advanced brewing technology that speeds up brewing, while the stainless steel thermal carafe ensures that the coffee stays warm. In this way, you spend less time making coffee, but you prepare it when you need to pick me up after a long day of meetings.

20 Bike and pedal exerciser DeskCycle Under Desk

If you do not like the idea of ​​the all-in-one desktop machine listed above, it's an ideal alternative, especially because it's designed to fit any office. The DeskCycle is suitable with desks as low as 27 inches. He has eight calibrated resistance settings to challenge you. Theiragnetic resistance allows smooth, quiet movement of the pedal to minimize office distractions. There are fivefeature so you can track speed, time, distance traveled, calories and other measurements while you work.

21 Wand Scanner Wand Portable Document and Photo Scanner

Although not quite worthy of Harry Potter, this WiFi scanner wand does wonders for scanning documents and photos. When you use your office on the move, there is no room for a large scanner. That's why Brookstone offers this portable scanner that can send scanned documents to your computer or tablet. In addition, you can store the scanned images on a microSD card (not included). Images can be saved in JPEG or PDF format, scanning up to 900 dpi.

22. AirBar touch screen for laptops

AirBar offers a plug-and-touch simplicity that makes it easy to add touch screen functionality to your laptop or laptop. All you do is fix the Air bar at the bottom of your screen with the magnets provided and plug in the USB cord. AirBar works with most Windows 10 laptops with a 15.6 "display. You can touch with any object, including a finger, a stylus, or a brush.

23 LandingZone DOCK Express Secure docking station for MacBook

If you have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, you might want to try this powerful docking station that lets you perform multiple tasks at the same time by connecting multiple devices to your MacBook Pro. It is available for 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar. There is also a built-in Kensington security slot.

24. Pitney Bowes Postney Send-Pro C-Series Post Meter

Each office still needs a convenient way to clear postal mail on parcels and all other mail rather than queuing at the post office or mail center. Pitney Bowes has a counter that simplifies this task. The Send-Pro C-Series allows you to compare mail and carrier options, track shipments from the top three carriers directly from your C-Series system or computer, and deliver accurate deliveries with features of verification. The franking machine also offers discounted rates for US mail and other courier services like UPS.

25. Epson WorkForce EcoTank Printer

Epson helps your office release printer cartridges so you never have to worry about ink or you spend half of your annual budget storing enough cartridges to print everything. what you need. Offering laser-quality text output, the printer has oversized ink tanks that are easy to fill and holds up to 2 years of ink in the box. This ink is equivalent to 11,000 black pages / 8,500 colors and about 50 sets of ink cartridges. Features include automatic two-sided printing, a 150-sheet capacity and wireless printing from tablets and smartphones.

It's time to go shopping!

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