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The constant force that all small business owners face is that of change.

As we prepare to enter a new year, it is not uncommon to take a little time and think about the things you would like to accomplish in 2019. The resolutions we expose include those that relate to our personal lives but often those that concern our company. Taking such resolutions is a big step except:

  1. they are often forgotten, or
  2. there is little follow-up, especially in the long run.

Business owners have a third problem: the world is constantly changing. Change is not something that can be planned once a year; it is constant. As an owner, you need to have an information gathering method that allows you to stay abreast of new ideas and trends that concern you, as well as your business, your industry and the industry. Economy in general.

This overview must be inclusive, including local, national and global. Being a frequent reader of Small Biz Survival is a good start, but that is not enough. Find and create a set of key information sources. Have them scan and read them regularly in your day, week and month.

And do not forget to listen. Become an active member of companies and social networks, clubs and groups. There is so much information that you can not follow. This is where your group can help you not only fill the gaps, but also prioritize what matters most to you.

The change is there and the change will remain. It's a constant and the survival of your business depends on knowing what's going to happen and the reaction that's expected. Good luck.

Closing Comment – This idea of ​​change also brings me to a change I am making. This will be my last regular blog for Small Biz Survival. I have retired and I embark on other activities (volunteering, grandfather, camping, traveling, etc.). I appreciate that Becky allows me to be part of this work. Maybe she will let me back from time to time as new ideas and trends appear on my radar screen.

About Glenn Muske

Glenn Muske is an independent expert in rural small business, working for GM Consulting – Your Partner for Small Business Success. He provides advice and writes articles for county extension officers and newspapers in North Dakota. Previously, he was a specialist in rural and agri-food business development at the Extension Service of the North Dakota State University – Center for Community Vitality.

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