Renewal of sleepers in record time

Work on renewing berths on the railway between Payyannur and Cheruvathur using the track renewal train (TRT machine) was completed in record time.

The Palakkad Railway Division set a record by completing the renewal of the track over its 12,235 km, officials said.

Regular renewal

Bed renovation work between Payyannur and Cheruvathur began on December 11th and was completed on January 10th. The work was sanctioned as part of regular renewals according to age, they said.

Division officials said that during the current fiscal year, the Palakkad division had obtained approval for 25 km bunk renewal jobs using the TRT machine. The job is to replace all sleepers and fittings, and to pack the ballast and stabilize the track dynamically by means of cable stuffing machines and vibrating machinery.

According to the officials, the berth renewal work is a multidisciplinary work involving the coordination of engineering staff in permanent lanes, signaling, suspended electric traction, mechanical and operational staff.


The renewal of the berths will be useful to restore the speed of 110 km / h, they added, adding that the work had already improved punctuality. After the completion of the refurbishment work, punctuality will be further improved, they added.

The quality of work done with the help of the machine is better compared to manual replacement and the required time is one-quarter to one-fifth of what a manual replacement requires. Traffic on this section being dense, some trains had to be regulated to obtain a block of clear traffic of duration of 4 hours. They added that the passengers and the public had been previously informed by the media of the regulatory services.