Ongole University will offer job-oriented courses, says V-C

The new Andhra Kesari Tanguturi Prakasam University will be transformed into a prestigious new generation university with a focus on e-learning, research and links with foreign universities, said Vice Chancellor Rokkam Sudarshana Rao.

"In the first place, I am happy to lead the educational institution named after the freedom fighter and prime minister of Andhra State," Rao said in a conversation with L & # 39; Hindu, one day after the state government promulgated an order giving it additional fees for the higher education institution. He also directs Vikrama Simhapuri University (VSU).

"My immediate goal is to create an infrastructure, appoint faculty members and fill the gaps in the courses offered at the P.G. Center of Acharya Nagarjuna University," he said. "We will be consulting new unconventional courses in consultation with business leaders to improve the employability of students at the end of their courses. By using funds from the University Scholarships Commission and the state government, advanced research centers would be set up and more relevant courses for the region would be opened, "he said.

Joint Programs

VSU collaborated with the Bangi-based National University of Malaysia in the fields of engineering, science and technology, innovation, social sciences and humanities. It was planned to conclude a memorandum of understanding with the University of Malawi in Zomba in March. Students from the new university would also benefit from joint educational programs organized with the two foreign universities, since the facilities and educational programs of the VSC would be replicated in the Ongole-based university, he added.

ANU Ongole staff led by Professor Harsha Preetam Dev welcomed his appointment to the position of First Vice Chancellor of the University.