Sales leaders: 50 sales trends to know for 2019


Sales leaders: 50 sales trends to know for 2019

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With the new year, it's important to look at the trends that define the best sales reps and growth leaders. With so many technological changes, new privacy laws and best practices discovered, executives need to understand the biggest changes that sales professionals face in 2019 and what sales strategies they should put in place to give them an edge additional to the competition. As I think about 2019, here are the most important trends that all leaders and sales and marketing teams should know to win.

Customer data becomes the new global currency

  1. Major changes in the way companies operate their customers' data will intensify in 2019.

Leading brands will no longer retain data as a competitive advantage. They will unlock the value of their data by linking them to third-party sources to form a collective intelligence movement, helping sales professionals harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI), just like the world of intelligence. the consumption. In this new world, data becomes the new currency. To understand the importance of this approach, consider Einstein as an example. In appearance, this looks like an interesting artificial intelligence tool for, until you consider that it is only based on your own data to provide a view of the past, and no of the future. For the AI ​​to really work, the data must be the key. Like Waze, your data is powerful, but when you combine it with other people's data, the information and recommendations become unstoppable. Look for to continue to dominate this space with a ten year lead on the sales dataset.

  1. The data wars in the cloud will intensify, with now bought, sold and traded as a currency exceeding gold, oil and even cryptocurrencies.

The players in the new war against cloud computing are the largest companies in the world, and in many cases they have already secretly invested billions of dollars in a race to acquire the most important and important data. This is not a new phenomenon. The battle of data Documented began more than 15 years ago, when cloud applications began to collect and aggregate data via Web technology platforms. However, the gold rush of data has intensified at an increasing rate, culminating in the Dreamforce 2018 event.

  1. The power of prioritization will finally be realized.

Sales prioritization will become a vital lifeline for increasing growth with existing resources. I know that your marketing team has created a marketing score that you feel is good, and I also know that you are using a business that uses black magic to place a score of 0 to 100 next to an account or to a bank account. a touch and you also think garbage too. I understand, I do. Unfortunately, you have every right to think that you are better because it is the territory of your team and your job is ultimately. Shame on these rating companies for being so difficult. To not tell you what goes into the scoring model, to not let you participate in building a score from scratch, and not to use anything other than the 0-100 that you would actually adopt . I promise you that you will see disruptions in runway and account scoring as users want and need it. There is no company that has found a way to prepare it for the market, but anybody will want it.

artificial intelligence concept - cute robot

AI will be everywhere

  1. Artificial intelligence goes from a technological category to a fundamental capability in almost every tool we use.

A lot of sales technology cards I was wrong. They place predictive analysis, AI, and so on. as his own category, but it's wrong. Is Netflix about AI? No, it's about disrupting the way we consume entertainment. The same applies to sales technology. Companies will not sell AI, but companies that incorporate AI into their technology will replace those that do not.

  1. Artificial intelligence must allow sales teams to not eliminate them.

Disturbances occur between AI and sales and you can not stop it. We are now moving from marketing to the sales development function. Know businesses like or replace the outbound sales development representative, but this will not happen. These companies will continue to try to automate the tasks of the sales development representatives until the representatives themselves have been replaced by the technology, but they do not realize that the AI ​​is there to allow the sales development and make them smarter in their targeted outbound prospecting. eliminate them.

Sales engagement tools become fundamental for every technology stack

  1. Salesforce says goodbye to undifferentiated cadence tools like Outreach and SalesLoft.

As Salesforce prepares to enter the market with its sales cadence tool, undifferentiated differentiation tools like and SalesLoft will see the beginning of their end, while differentiated cadence tools like will survive and grow. compete.

Characteristic | Team working on a table | Definition of cadence: what a salesperson should know | What is the pace?

  1. The tools of cadence of sale finally have eight communication tools available.

You know it and me too, email and phone are good, but they can not be everything you do as part of your pace strategy. Companies have false integrations, but that's a failure and the representatives know it. There are eight methods that representatives should consider using when prospecting for potential customers:

    1. Phone
    2. Voice Messaging
    3. E-mail
    4. Social media
    5. Mailings
    6. Text
    7. Video with email
    8. Chat

If you offer a cadence tool, close yourself, stop making excuses and give me the opportunity to use the eight methods.

Communication methods continue to evolve

  1. The AI ​​makes cold calls cool again.

The cold calls are dead, right? More now, thanks to the help of artificial intelligence. With traditional cold calls, you pick a list of random accounts and start smiling and dialing numbers. Cold calls with AI indicate that you have chosen a list of accounts that may buy you and also consider your product or service at that time. With traditional cold calls, you call a lot of 800 random numbers. Calling with AI means calling proven phone numbers that have been tested by others. Traditional cold calls indicate that you need to call whenever you want, while calls with an AI indicate the optimal time to call in order to maximize your ability to speak with someone. A traditional call means a call to the blind without knowing anything about your prospects. AI-based phone calls provide participants with useful information that saves you valuable time researching. Cold calls use the same script for everyone, while AI customizes your argument based on different aspects of the individual. Prepare for the cold call (with the AI) to be cool again.

  1. Direct mail is becoming a favored tool for sales representatives, not just for marketers.

Your parents used direct mailings for sales, but for a long time shippers were left behind because HubSpot started the inbound movement. With accounts picking up his reign as the dominant sales movement and automated mailing services running at the click of a button with tools such as RocketNotesdirect mail services will transition from marketing services to sales representatives and be widely adopted.

  1. Texts benefit from new features and enter sales.

SMS have been around since the 90s, and even though about 97% of smartphone users send SMS, they have not changed much since. Everything is about to change thanks to the new RCS technology (Rich Communication Service) in 2019. Why is it important for sales? Well, because the RCS protocol will actually allow certain functions such as starting group discussions, sending relevant content via video and audio messages, and sending high resolution images. You will also receive read receipts and even see if anyone responds to your message in real time. The old SMS will essentially receive the same functions as iMessage, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

  1. Long-term emails are making their way into the sales function.

I understand, simple plain text emails, and most sellers know it, but long form content is something that your prospects associate with a higher value. I know that people complain about the duration of attention, but as long as your prospects are engaged, they will pay attention. Do not believe me? Watch Twitter change its character limit from 140 to 280 and the rise of mass observation.

research on the state of sales in 2017

The evolution of the sales structure

  1. Birth of the hybrid sales role.

the Report on the state of sales showed that outside representatives spent almost half of their time (45.4%) selling at a distance. This trend is pushing companies to create more hybrid reps and to give up sales in the name market as they spend a lot of time doing internal sales. It's a wise choice for many businesses as they find the most cost-effective way to sell. So expect to see more companies introduce the Hybrid Sales Representative.

  1. Companies will seek to outsource more sales functions.

Some marketing functions have long been outsourced to maintain a level of professionalism and expertise, but sales have been slower to adopt outsourced models. Expect the change to continue as companies recognize that some aspects of sales can be exceptionally well managed by outsourced vendors.

  1. Generation Z will pass the millennial generation as the greatest generation and make things happen.

In 2019, Generation Z is expected to move from the millennial generation to the largest generation and the desire to make things happen. for sales managers. Generation Z is more entrepreneurial than Generation Y and more at ease with technology. In addition, co-creating a culture is an important factor that motivates them. By 2019, sales organizations are expecting sales organizations to start changing to make room for more Generation Z members when they enter the floor.

  1. Customer success has its place at the table.

Customer success has generally been the dreaded child of many organizations, but in 2019 it's for change. In most organizations, there is no official headquarters or technology to support them. In 2019, more and more organizations will see the benefit of having good customer relationships and show appreciation by appointing specific leaders for this function and putting their money at their fingertips (in the form of technology).

Artificial Intelligence with Neuralytics concept - green and gold circuit board

The evolution of the technological landscape of sales

  1. The technological sales area is beginning to consolidate.

Sales technology is becoming as widespread as marketing technology, and while this is not likely to change, companies will continue to acquire and merge to compete against the largest players in the market.

  1. Simplification of the sales technology stack.

According to our data, typical sales representatives 5.2 sales tools. That's a lot, and businesses are almost forced to add more each month. Business representatives are struggling to embrace technology, and businesses are slow to recognize the return on investment of technology. The problem is only getting worse. Expect this to change in 2019 as companies evaluate their technology base and limit it to the tools that generate the highest return on investment.

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  • CRM starts working for representatives rather than those who work there.

  • We have completed a very quoted study this means that salespeople spend only 36.6% of their time selling. It is zero. Too many tasks remain manual and CRM does not help. Sales representatives report spending 18% of their time on customer relationship management and consider this system as the most inefficient of all systems used. I'm not surprised, is not it? It is time to change that and make the CRM work for us rather than against us. It's time to move out of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and move to growth systems that really help you sell.

    1. The future of sales technology goes beyond CRM, to the benefit of AI Systems of Growth.

    The customer relationship management software appeared in the 1980s, before the Internet was widespread. To organize sales efforts, she followed a linear construction, with opportunities following a single-threaded, phase-based path to closing. But buyers follow individualized and non-linear paths. So, how can a sales person trained in a single linear sales process know the action plan that best suits individual prospects? Unless you have already sold to a person or organization, you do not know how to enter into an agreement. CRM is simply not suitable for providing the answers to the questions "who should I commit to?" And "how to associate them?". These are things that an experienced sales representative already knows, especially if they have already sold to a particular organization. But these answers are not in the CRM. So what is the future of CRM? Yes, CRM continues to exist in this new world. But it is relegated to its most appropriate place as an essential product of the mission, because its fundamental architecture prevents it from being the brain of a successful system of income growth. More info from my friend Dave Boyce right here.

    sales forecast statistics - the gap between sales forecast and reality | Only 28% of commercial transactions are accurately planned, says new research

    1. No more blind sales forecasts.

    The sales forecast is zero. We did a research study that found that companies are 28.1% accurate in their forecasts to 90 days from the end. 90 days freaking up! Can you believe that! CRM does not help to do that, so artificial intelligence is needed to fill the void. 2019 is the year of the forecast.

    1. Someone will revive in gamification.

    The gamification companies have failed and it is because they have done wrong. They thought everything was focused on maintaining the score and the competition, so all the tools were focused on that and they failed. What companies did not understand was that peer interaction / feedback was the determining factor. Slack is probably the best gamification tool for sales teams because it allows salespeople to joke around instead of looking at silly rankings that are nothing more than sophisticated Salesforce reports. Someone will decipher the code on this in 2019 and gamification will again be topical.

    Chatbots spread like wildfire

    1. Inbound sales development representatives face stiff competition.

    Derivative is the hottest thing since sliced ​​bread, I have it. Last year's trend was Drift and if you do not do it, you're late. Drift and other conversation bots are pushing the Inbound Sales Development Representative to become better in his field. I do not see the incoming representatives being replaced, but they will have to earn their livelihood because the competition of discussion robots is already there.

    1. Conversation robots become ultra personalized.

    Speaking of conversation robots like Drift, we have only seen the beginning of what these things can do. Expect these robots to become highly personalized as they now disrupt marketing and account-based sales …. Having already done the same thing with incoming high speed models.

    1. Conversation robots help you close deals.

    Sorry, there is so much about conversation robots and for a good reason … but they are very hot. Conversation robots are gaining popularity in 2019. They help representatives to close more deals by optimizing the pricing, configuration and submission process. Apttus has the advantage here but others will come quickly.

    1. Messenger sales become a trademark term.

    We talked about the discussion at the top and bottom of the sales funnel, but what about in the middle? according to Twilio According to the survey, 66% of consumers now prefer to reach a brand (or be contacted by a brand) via messaging rather than by any other means. Do you have the opportunity to chat with customers or prospects as part of your sales process? You need it.

    The age of the client

    1. The beginning of the economy of consent.

    The year 2018 saw a monumental change in data with the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. The law gives customers the power over their personal data and allows EU citizens to choose whatever information companies have or do not have in their databases for any reason. This was an important news and it will continue to affect sales around the world as we move to a consent economy, in which consumers control companies' data.

    1. Exam sites get unicorn status.

    In 2019, the buyer will continue to dominate the seller with publicly available information. You can not invest with G2 Crowd and TrustRadius because user-generated content is always king for buyers making decisions. The only precaution here is to pay to play. You can see on these sites that sellers pay people to give them advice. Will this ruin the review sites as people realize that the reviews are paid? Or will it not matter? Stay tuned.

    1. The consumerization of the B2B buyer.

    I steal this sentence to my friends at Forrester. I heard them use this phrase and I loved it. Everyone who buys your technology or services just spent their vacation on Amazon. Do you think that does not change the way they buy you? So, tie up. Just because has huge licensing costs, significant implementation costs, and long project life can not help you.

    1. More millennium become your buyers.

    The millennial generation is now 35 years old and more and more people are in decision-making positions. In fact, a Google survey found that more than half of the buyers were millennia. This will change the way people have to sell because Millennials expect different experiences from those of their predecessors. In 2019, expect the buying process to change and millennia to make more and more decisions.

    1. More for the value of sellers.

    I would say that was the first to offer cost per seat. Now every company has replicated this model, and rightly so, because it has worked. The problem is that if everyone does it, it's not differentiated, so when I get price sheets and they're all identical, it's hard to choose. Make it easy for me, give me so much value that I can not say no, because it's obvious. To do this, companies need to start thinking about how to make their customers successful, not just by providing them with technology. What more can you offer to make it easy to say yes?

    use video in sales

    Use the video or leave the company in 36 months … Oh, the audio is cool again

    1. LinkedIn's video imposes itself as the third dominant weapon on LinkedIn.

    You must have LinkedIn. They have our arms tied. If they charge $ 500, I would probably buy a license again. Our research indicates that only 12% of people use the LinkedIn video (compared to 1% last year). It's not even close to:

    • 54% of people using LinkedIn for research
    • 46% of people using InkedIn for direct messaging with InMail
    1. Use the video or go bankrupt in 36 months.

    The video will move to number three on this list next year, instead of being the penultimate, because people will recognize the value of the video on LinkedIn.

    Our Report on the state of sales development which includes hundreds of companies, says that video is the number one technology companies we are looking forward to using in 2019. I do not need to say more here except: use the video of the bankruptcy in 36 months.

    1. The audio is making a comeback.

    If your company does not do Podcast in the context of enlightened leadership, you are an idiot. Podcasting is probably one of the best prospecting methods currently available for representatives. The audio is back thanks to podcasts and goes nowhere thanks to Amazon Echo. Sales representatives will receive training from Amazon and the opinion leaders will have their content with Amazon as early as 2019.

    Training and hiring will experience a major disruption

    1. The hiring based on the data is finally operational.

    The rental is broken. It has always been. Looking subjectively at someone and asking random questions is not a recipe for success, it's a recipe for failure. Companies need to invest in tools that combine subjective and objective hiring practices. Little does it matter if you do not believe in hiring based on talent, you have to do it because your hiring process is nil.

    1. Traditional sales coaching is experiencing a brutal awakening.

    According to a recent survey, 84% of all sales training is lost after 90 days. We know it, but real-time coaching is in its infancy. Coaching platforms are starting to introduce AI so that real-time recommendations can take place and that we can finally begin to do more than just boring in-person training.

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    1. Representatives become storytelling experts.

    If you want people to understand and believe in what you sell, you will need to master the art of storytelling. Like my friend Russell Brunson said: "As sellers, we focus on the desired outcome of the customers, the big house, the beautiful car or whatever they want. But in stories, emotion is not created by desire, but by conflict. Without conflict, no one would care about the story. In 2019, sales representatives move away from features and benefits and begin to tell stories of transformation.

    15 tips for powerful direct mail writing

    1. Writing becomes a MUST for boarding sales.

    Sales engagement tools turned representatives into email marketing specialists with #unwantedoutreach. Expect things to change as sales teams move away from tools that force them to spam prospects, while introducing books and writing practices, because quality replaces quantity .

    1. The sales demo dies of a slow death.

    I hate the sales demo. I think she had a good life but she rests in peace. We believe the demo is valuable to the customer, but we have been selfish in our thinking. The demo talks about us and if you are honest, you know it and I know it. Video demonstrations of commodities are the offering of most websites and this is where they should be. Corporate Visions has proven that stupid basic demos do not add much value (whiteboard, video, taking notes by prospects). Drop your demo for something that brings value and remember to always give it before you get it.

    1. The content becomes easily accessible.

    I'm sorry, it took a lot of time for the sellers. If you want a piece of content, I know you have to go to 5 or 6 places to find these items, which are not even updated. So lame … it must change. Businesses will finally realize the importance of centralizing content and sales reps will begin to gain access to the amazing content marketing system created by ops teams.

    Community stimulates growth like never before

    1. Building communities leads to great growth.

    People never bought technology, they bought results. Unfortunately, many companies have forgotten that the customer is king and too focused on their technology. Unfortunately, most technology companies can not reach the 100 million mark because they do not have communities that believe in it as well as their products. If you want to grow exponentially this year, focus on creating a community and not just about adding features to your product.

    1. Sales Hacker (Outreach Hacker) continues to die while Modern Sales Pros takes its place. bought Sales Hacker (Outreach Hacker) and reunited it under his umbrella so that everything they grow Outreach (Outreach is their number one sponsor, Outreach is mentioned in all their blogs, the person who manages the marketing of Outreach, Sales Hacker). It's a group and it's sad, because Outreach Hacker has really brought a lot of value to the SME market. This time is up, as evidenced by the fact that modern sales professionals have taken the risk of taking Outreach Hacker. Les professionnels de la vente modernes continueront de dominer le marché des petites et moyennes entreprises alors que Outreach Hacker s’efface à la tombée de la nuit, tandis que AA-ISP continue de dominer le secteur de la vente aux entreprises en 2019.

    1. La participation aux événements des fournisseurs génériques diminue au fur et à mesure que les commerciaux recherchent des réunions de pairs ciblées.

    Chaque entreprise pense avoir besoin de copier Salesforce et d&#39;organiser un événement comme une mini-dreamforce. C’est ennuyeux et ennuyeux. Les événements sont les mêmes et les intervenants sont les mêmes. Bienvenue au début de la perturbation de l&#39;événement. À partir de 2019, vous assisterez à la montée en puissance de groupes de maîtres d’esprit et d’autres groupes de niche spécifiques qui rassemblent des pairs ciblés lors de petits rassemblements.

    1. Les événements de vente virtuels deviennent de plus en plus grands.

    Les événements physiques ne vont nulle part et ne le seront jamais. C’est trop puissant pour se rencontrer face à face avec des pairs. Cela ne signifie pas qu&#39;il n&#39;y a pas de place pour des événements virtuels où les vendeurs peuvent utiliser un contenu significatif sans manquer une semaine de travail et compromettre leur quota. Les grands événements virtuels incluent le Sommet du développement des ventes, la Conférence sur le leadership des ventes, et Avance rapide. Soit tu viens, soit tu vaux rien.

    1. Les petits consultants prennent des rôles importants.

    Le marketing des influenceurs a été perturbé, les influenceurs mineurs jouant un rôle plus important dans les écosystèmes des entreprises, mais pour une raison quelconque, personne ne se rend compte que vous ne pouvez pas transformer une entreprise de prise en compte uniquement en vendant directement. Regardez cette année comme une année record lorsque les entreprises technologiques s&#39;associent à de petits influenceurs du marché pour les aider à atteindre cet objectif de revenus supérieur à 100 millions d&#39;euros.

    1. Sales Enablement obtient enfin une place à la table.

    La stratégie d’activation des ventes / de vente reçoit enfin l’attention qu’elle mérite en 2019. Grâce au Société d&#39;activation des ventes, cette fonction se fait enfin une place et les organisations commencent à reconnaître la valeur qu’elle a dans leurs sociétés respectives.

    Tampon pour la gestion des médias sociaux | Les meilleurs outils pour augmenter la productivité et augmenter les ventes

    La vente sociale fait peau neuve

    1. Le leader social émerge.

    Auparavant, les responsables commerciaux et les PDG pouvaient se cacher dans leurs bureaux et faire leur travail. Les grands étaient souvent vus en train de rendre visite à des clients, mais le mot «grand» sera désormais défini en fonction de l’influence et de la portée des médias sociaux. Les grandes entreprises donnent un visage humain à leur marque et les responsables commerciaux seront les premiers à relever le défi en 2019.

    1. Les bots LinkedIn deviennent plus adoptés et plus détestés.

    Avez-vous demandé à quelqu&#39;un de vous contacter ou de vous envoyer un message sur LinkedIn et que quelque chose ne sentait pas bon? Vous n&#39;êtes pas le seul, de plus en plus de gens reconnaissent les robots LinkedIn comme LinkedIn Helper obscurcissent l&#39;histoire personnalisée de la plate-forme. Qu&#39;ils soient bons ou mauvais, de plus en plus de vendeurs adopteront ces outils de vente, tandis que les leaders d&#39;opinion et les influenceurs dénonceront leur utilisation pour tenter de maintenir LinkedIn propre.

    1. Les transformations des ventes numériques n&#39;ont pas de final.

    Les responsables des ventes comprendront enfin qu’une transformation numérique des ventes n’est pas décisive. Vous ne pouvez pas simplement acheter LinkedIn et commencer à «vendre socialement». Une transformation numérique est plus que de la vente sociale et c’est un travail quotidien et continu. Selon la Harvard Business School, les leaders numériques ont une marge brute moyenne sur trois ans de 55%, contre 37% pour les retardataires numériques. Si vous n’avez pas pris le train numérique, vous devez le faire, mais sachez que vous ne pourrez jamais sauter.

    Le vendeur récupère enfin un peu de pouvoir

    1. Le rapport de force commence à se déplacer vers le vendeur.

    Je sais que l’acheteur a tout le pouvoir et que l’acheteur a 67%, 56%, 86% ou un pourcentage inférieur sur le processus d’achat avant de parler à un représentant des ventes, blah blah blah. Regardez, l’acheteur est toujours très puissant, mais en 2019, nous allons voir cela changer un peu. Si nous pouvons réellement commencer à comprendre comment utiliser les données d&#39;intention en temps réel, les commerciaux commenceront à être un peu plus intelligents dans leurs interactions avec les prospects.

    1. La segmentation avancée devient possible pour permettre aux vendeurs de gagner avec personnalisation et pertinence.

    Le fait de mettre le nom de quelqu&#39;un dans un e-mail ou de demander à un bot de chat de donner une salutation personnelle est un moyen peu coûteux de gagner avec la personnalisation, mais cela ne suffit pas. Avec des capacités de segmentation avancées, les représentants doivent se concentrer sur la pertinence, ce qui signifie que nous devons savoir pourquoi les prospects recherchent une solution à un problème particulier afin de garantir la livraison du contenu approprié au bon moment.

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