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Rate this article is proud to have been featured on G2Crowd's Top Sales Representatives List, the software review platform. The Predictive Playbooks Cadence Tool for Sales Representatives is ranked 8th in the Business Engagement category, just behind big names such as Salesforce CRM, DocuSign and LinkedIn.

In 2018, the Predictive Playbooks Cadence Tool has been the leading two consecutive quarters in the category of commercial engagement. Predictive Playbooks has received dozens of positive reviews from enthusiastic customers with the idea of ​​using the tool for their internal or external sales movements. G2Crowd 2019 Leader Logo

The award recognizes'Commitment to excellence in software development and its ability to create stable, market-ready software that works only for sales representatives.

The G2Crowd Award adds to the ever-growing list of awards for The company won the AIconics award in 2018 for the best AI application and was named to the list of the 100 largest AI companies of CBInsight the same year.

In 2018, G2Crowd users voted on the list of top B2B companies.

About Playbooks, the AI-based sales cadence tool

Playbooks is the only sales force tool optimized by artificial intelligence, capable of providing marketers with predictive information that allows them to quickly create a qualified pipeline.

The recommendations of the AI ​​in Playbooks give you an instant snapshot of

  • Who are your ideal buyers and what are their needs?
  • When and how should you contact them?
  • What is the best method to use for awareness and what message?

The Playbooks allow salespeople to see their progress in complex account-based moves, and to follow every step of a campaign without letting go of any leads.

The tool includes state-of-the-art sales engagement tools such as e-mail tracking, e-mail templates, auto submissions, appointments, local presence numbers, the integration of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, as well as the email guiders, the best method of contact and the scoring of prospects.

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To see a demo of Playbooks, click here.

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