Two trends for small businesses in 2019 favorable to small towns

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Rural populations can be the remote labor force sought by urban employers. Photo via picnoi

Brother published his small business trends for 2019, and two of them seemed particularly good for small towns and rural businesses.

Remote manpower will continue to increase

Brother said: "2018 has been a pivotal year for remote work, and in the early days of 2019, it will not slow down. Good talent is getting harder and harder to find and sometimes business owners are not able to find the right people for the job where they are. The hiring of remote workers who are best suited to the business will not only improve your business, but will also significantly reduce the costs associated with items such as office spaces. "

Implications for small towns: we are remote laborers!

To be ready, we need more and better training for the talents of modern technology. LinkedIn highlights 2019 needs in artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and data science, but also insists on the need for general skills such as time management.

The other big factor: broadband. You can not be the remote workforce unless you can work broadband.

Lateral agitations will become the main agitations and there will be a rise of independent work

Brother says, "With Generation Y members representing a large part of today's workforce, the modern workplace is changing dramatically. The millennium workforce places a great deal of emphasis on personal satisfaction; Self-employment provides a greater sense of control over your work-life balance, the work you do, and your overall happiness. This year we will see an increase in the number of home offices and freelancers. "

Implications for Small Towns: Entrepreneurial Development is Rural Economic Development

Old-school rural economic developers may still cling to business recruitment or to the pursuit of chain stores, but modern rural economic developers are entrepreneurial promoters. The number of self-employed workers has long been higher in rural areas, and this can be expected to continue. If you want your small town to prosper, help your local entrepreneurs thrive.

What trends do you observe in rural affairs?

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