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You call the client of your dreams and say, "I would love to introduce you a lot, tell you a little about my business and how we help companies like yours, and learn a little more about you and your business. "Using to schedule a meeting produces nothing close to the result you need, yet you continue to use it.

The client of your dreams has asked you to send them a proposal and pricing. You write an excellent email including the proposal that they requested and your pricing. You expected them to respond to the email, but it's been two weeks and you have not heard anything. In fact, of the ten proposals you sent by e-mail, none have ever been returned to you. Still, you always send the proposal and prices by email.

Last year, you did not produce the expected results. You did not do the prospecting that you needed during the first part of the year and you are falling behind. You have been unable to make up for lost time, a motive that you have repeated many times. We are almost in February and January is very similar to last January.

When your current sales process is perfectly followed, you get a 28% gain rate. Salespeople change over time, but the rate of pay does not improve or decrease much. The process has been in place for so long that no one can ever wonder if he is still serving society.

Living the same challenge all the time, without changing your approach, makes the failure of getting the result solely from your fault.

If your experience shows you that your choice of language and the value you are offering in exchange for a meeting are not convincing enough to get a "yes", your resistance to change of approach will allow you to continue to create this challenge.

When you send your proposal and prices by e-mail, your potential customers darken, there is evidence that responding to the customer's request is a bad sales practice. The blame resides here in your reluctance to confront your potential customer and explain to him how this approach does not serve him.

The lack of disciplined prospecting is a similar choice. You know with enormous certainty that you can not make up for lost time when it comes to creating and winning opportunities. If a perfect run gives you a 28% win rate, it may be time to examine the process to determine if it still serves you.

If you encounter the same problem over and over, you can anticipate this problem and develop a strategy to eliminate it.

There is no reason not to say, "I'm happy to send you the price and the proposal. Before doing so, I must guide you and your team to make sure everything is perfect. What is the best time this week to hold this meeting? When you hear, "Can you just send it to us, we are overwhelmed," you say, "I'm afraid I will not take care of you if I do it." this. You will have questions and concerns and, just like when you are a customer, I will be here to make sure you have everything you need. I promise not to waste your time. You say when, and I'm going to put a 30-minute meeting on my schedule. "

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