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Those who achieve their goals do not expect motivation, intrinsic or extrinsic.

External step

They do not wait to be inspired by a larger-than-life character who seems to have all the answers to the most important questions in life. They do not turn to their heroes to inspire or motivate them. And they do not expect their manager, leader, or CEO to give them the spark that catches them and forces them to act.

The truth is that people who are successful and achieve their goals do not need extrinsic motivation to do their job.

Not exactly intrinsic

Those who produce extraordinary results do not have to inflate or psyche to do what they have to do. They do not need their internal coach to convince them to work, whatever their job. They also do not re-read their mission statement to remind them – or reconnect – with their "why".

They do not constantly remember why they want what they want or the contribution they intend to make. Instead, they do it. Call it the "chuck closing rule".

The chuck rule

The artist and photographer, Chuck Close, once said: "The inspiration is for the amateurs, the rest of us shows up and gets to work." Among all the so-called secrets of the success, it is perhaps the most important. Your ability to want to act yourself is what produces results, even if something, something, or a higher goal does not motivate you.

External motivation, excited, is at best ephemeral. Believing that you have to motivate yourself is an excuse. This allows you to pull yourself out of the bargain on the pretext that you "do not feel it". And if you "do not feel it", you will not even look at your mission statement, let alone act accordingly.

When you no longer want to work, start working and notice how quickly you overcome your resistance to work.

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