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Imagine that someone has something that you want or need. You want to acquire what they have, which means that it has value for you. But it also has value for the person who currently owns it. Some laws prevent you from taking it under the cover of darkness – or by force.

What are you doing in this situation?

Expect. You have an idea You have something of value that you would be willing to trade against the object of your desire. If the person who has what you want would exchange what they have against something that they value equally (or more), an exchange is possible. Maybe even probable.

It's sales. It is the free exchange of value between consenting parties. Neither party is obligated nor obliged to make an exchange of value that they own or create, regardless of what another party may want or need.

Both parties are able to influence the other party by making him believe that what they have is more valuable, one of them increasing value and offering what they have for a certain price, the other part arguing that it is not worth it. asking price and offering less to get it.

Who determines what is worth something? It may be that the person who owns a thing sold sets the price according to what she is willing to accept. However, it is also true that the buyer sets the price because he has the power not to pay the asking price and to move away or find an alternative.

When more value is created, more value is captured. When less value is created, less value is captured. The value lies in the eyes of the owner and the viewer, which means that I can believe that something is precious which, in your opinion, is worthless. What is important enough for you to spend a big fortune on getting could be something that would not push me to act at all.

When people believe that the word "sales" has a negative connotation, acknowledge that none of us would want to have anything without the establishment of these basic ideas as old as when Grok had two woolly mammoth steaks and that Glub could do a fire. .

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