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Must have sales management software

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Learn about the different software you can use to optimize your sales management with Kyle Lacy, vice president of marketing at Lessonly, in this episode of Sales secret.

In this article:

  1. About my guest – Who is Kyle Lacy?
  2. Sales management software to optimize the stack
  3. Sales management software for direct mail
  4. Sales Management Software for Sales Rates
  5. Sales Management Software for Project Management
  6. Sales Management Software for Email Marketing
  7. Sales Management Software for Sales Books
  8. Important Tips to Get a Software Vendor

The best sales management software you should invest in

What is sales management? This process involves the development of the sales force, the coordination of sales operations and the implementation of sales techniques. With proper sales management, the company could reach and exceed its sales objectives.

About my guest – Who is Kyle Lacy?

Kyle Lacy is the vice president of marketing for Lessonly, an online training software. Their services include sales activation, integration and training of sales and customer service teams.

The training they offer covers retail software, e-commerce and telecommunications.

Lessonly is based in Indianapolis, with a team of over 100 employees. Kyle's role consists of almost all the dimensions of the top of the funnel.

He also manages his own team of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and Managers.

Prior to joining Lessonly, Kyle worked with Salesforce and ExactTarget, then spent a few years at OpenView in Boston.

Kyle's hometown is Indianapolis. That's why he and his wife took the opportunity to go back to work in OpenView's holding company, Lessonly.

During our discussion with Lacy, he explained to us the different sales management software that he and his sales team use to improve their processes. This helps them optimize their processes and sales activities to be more efficient.

Sales management software to optimize the stack

Track progress and check comments | Must have sales management software

Use of Sales Management Software

To optimize their stack, Lessonly uses three different software programs to produce accurate information.

Initially, Kyle and his team thought about how they can source of qualified accounts for their team of representatives who need them. Previously, their sales representatives bought them for account managers themselves.

They realized that the best thing to do for their SDRs was to provide them with qualified accounts by searching for this information. based on market signals.

These market signals could be fundraising or internal sales, among others. This then became the basis of their quest to optimize their stack.

Finally, Lessonly Got DataFox to provide them with this information. They are now following 80 different market signals within the platform.

Here is how it works.

  • DataFox offers accounts that may interest them.
  • In turn, Lacy and her team have their sales representatives work on these accounts.

Lacy admitted that, from a marketing standpoint, they are still working on how to qualify with intention. They recognized that they had to first establish the account level and then take advantage of it.

Another software that they use to optimize the stack is Sales Navigatorbut it was not enough to find the right contacts. That's why they've completed it by ZoomInfo.

Lacy pointed out that accounts are the basis. You can only optimize your stack if you are able to work from an established foundation.

In reality, however, the tracks are the problem for many people. They can have a lot of accounts, but they do not know or to start.

For Lessonly, DataFox is the tool that lets them know which leads they should go afterthen they use Sales Navigator and ZoomInfo to make sure their SDRs have the appropriate contact information on those tracks.

Sales management software for direct mail

One of the essential components of Lessonly's sales strategy is direct mail. It's the most powerful support for them, as Kyle revealed.

Together, DataFox and ZoomInfo provide the data that allows them to obtain accurate addresses of their prospects. They did all this internally, but now they also have brought to Sendoso take care of their activation of the mail merge.

We asked Kyle for advice on using Direct Mail, and he shared some interesting ideas.

He said that the most important thing is to involve your representatives in the process, especially if you do it for a sales audience. Whether it's handwritten cards or Sendoso's, it's important to involve them in the process.

Kyle admitted that you can not always rely on direct mail for direct sources, but it will speed up sales.

According to Lessonly's experience, the most powerful direct mail is not about its product, but about its brand. One of the ways that Lessonly is promoting their brand is through their "Reward of the Gold Lama" like a llama is their mascot.

Quarterly, they give it to an employee who displays their values. That's what they point out in their direct mail to prospects, because it shows their values, not a set of features.

For Kyle, sending creative coffee cards is also a great way to reach out. They allow Lessonly to distinguish itself from other direct mail that prospects receive.

Sales Management Software for Sales Rates

For Lessonly, use direct mail as a way to add contacts over the funnel. Each SDR task is to do 25 per day.

To follow this correctly, they need salesforce dashboardsthat's why they are now using SalesLoft for rates.

The application of this process is important, so they had to make sure that the sales team did it. Through cadences, they can also ensure that their team is able to track the level of activity they expect.

When asked what kind of benefits the rates gave to their sales team, Kyle said process that they provided. Their sales team can follow the process so they can show up to prospects.

The secondary advantage is the standardization around messaging.

Kyle explained that before, their DTS were doing what they wanted freely, so their rates were different from each other. The problem with this is that they can not give a dataset they can use for decision making.

Everyone did something different and everyone used a different message. This process may work, but you will come to the point where you can not create a database from the information you have.

Not setting a standard for your sales team will only allow you to keep track of the scores. You are not trying to create better actions in the future, which is the first thing to keep track of.

With tools such as SalesLoft and, they can define the process with which their CSDs can operate.

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Sales Management Software for Project Management

Kyle introduced us to two project management software –Trello and

Their team uses Trello to keep track of their spreads, tasks and blockers – basically everything they do as a team. When the projects started to become more robust for their 11-person team, they discovered that Gantt charts were not working on Trello.

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As a result, their team was not able to handle their tasks and tasks very well.

That's when has arrived. Kyle's team started using it for track their biggest projects, such as their corporate campaign and direct mail campaign.

They have integrated these two tools for their daily tasks and big projects. Now they have two software programs they can count on for project management.

Sales Management Software for Email Marketing

Use a computer to check emails | Must have sales management software

Email marketing with sales management software

Another software that Lacy shared with us is Sigstr. This is an Indianapolis based company offering email marketing services.

One of their offers is marketing by electronic signature. They can set up your email signature to redirect recipients to a landing page, which is usually your company's website.

In this way, people can learn more about you and your business simply from the email you send them.

Sigstr also has a Relational Intelligence feature, which uses your inbox to search for connections between contacts.

For example, if someone in your company has already interacted with a specific prospect, Sigstr can tell you who he is. This can prevent anyone in the company from spending time and energy establishing a relationship from scratch.

The Relational Intelligence feature is especially useful for large organizations. Sigstr believes that email inbox is the most important relationship we have with our network because we spend a lot of time here.

This is why they offer businesses ways to optimize the use of their inbox.

Sales Management Software for Sales Books

To keep track of customer information, Lessonly uses Dooly. He mainly assists their account managers and their SDRs in taking notes.

With the help of this software, they can follow what is happening in every sales meeting. As Lacy said, Dooly makes it easy for them to enter data into their CRM.

Important Tips to Get a Software Vendor

When it comes to evaluating sales management software, you need to remember three things:

  1. The software should be able to fill a hole in your sales process.
  2. You must let the supplier know that you expect a return on your expenses of 1 to 1, otherwise 3 to 1, for their platform.
  3. Make a decision based on the return on investment.

Follow these basic instructions to choose the sales management software that will give the best results.

If you want to get in touch with Kyle Lacy, you can send him a message on LinkedIn. You can also visit the Lessonly website for more information.

The main goal of sales management software is to make the sales process more efficient through automation. Do not forget that you must carefully consider its purpose and the performance it will yield.

In this way, you can choose a platform that not only optimizes your processes, but also enables you to achieve profitable sales.

Which of these sales management software can you use for your own sales team? Let us know in the comments section below.

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