Want more public participation in your events? Make sure your signs include this specific sentence

Sign says,

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Do you make events that are open to the public, right? Here is the advice for more locals to be present.

When organizing an event open to the public, post a sign saying, "Open to everyone! Enter!"

Of course you know that it is open to the public and you have said it in all your promotions. But we, that is to say that the public did not pay attention. (Sorry)

And when we walk or walk past the current event, we can not tell by watching you welcome us. We all have the habit of thinking that we were not invited, that it was not for us, that we are not welcome. It's just human nature. You can remember moments when you felt the same, without knowing if you should go somewhere.

But if there is a giant banner specifically inviting the public, it's different. This is one of the obstacles to overcome to get us involved. Try it and tell us how it's going.

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