Steve Blank do not be left behind by the growth of your business

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If you are a former employee in a start-up, one day you will find that what you worked on 24/7 in the last year is no longer the most important thing. You are no longer the most important of the employees. processes, meetings, paperwork and managers and bosses came forward. More painfully, you will learn that your role in the business must change.

I've already written a blog about it earlier here and I've had the chance to talk about this topic at the Startup Grind conference.

Below is a video of the conversation.

1:40: Have the conversation: how did I lose my job after helping the company succeed
5:30 pm: You need different skills as your business grows
6:47: A visceral blow: What just happened?
8:02: How I missed an opportunity
9:55: How would you feel if it happened to you
3:40 pm: Why there should be no job title for your startup
18:00: Why the founders often come from dysfunctional families – and what that means for them as a business transition
10:39 pm: If you can see your future, you can change your future

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