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What does it mean to have a "style" of sale?

Most of the time, the word "style" indicates a reluctance to do what is needed and rather to do what is easier, something that can not easily be called a "style" as much as ineffective choices. Other times, the person who suggests that she has a "style" expresses the idea that she believes that the general principles and good practices do not apply to herself or to her sector, often stating that his client or his sector is so different that no one works in sales would work for them.

Not at all a style

Not to prospect is not a style decision. Suggesting that your customers do not want to talk to a salesman unless they want to buy from home, is to believe that these same customers already know what they do not know and are already making the right decision in all areas of business. their activity. business. To wait like a barrel of rain is not a style.

Do not schedule meetings because prospects do not like to meet with representatives and using email as the primary channel for business communication is not a "style", it's a weak and inefficient decision. Why would someone who does not even meet you decide to buy from you?

Not having enough business sense to command a conversation with the contacts who make the decisions around your category is not a "style". It's an inability to create value for your customers. It may be your style to start with eight slides that describe your company's history, your customers' logos, and your solutions, but that's how you prove that you're selling merchandise and you do not think have the depth to consult.

Could be a style

If by "style" you mean to be authentic, it could be something else. You may have a great sense of humor and your ability to ease sales conversations forces your clients to prefer working with you.

Maybe "style" means you have deep ideas and you are great at creating a conversation about change that drives people to explore something different. Maybe your style is serious in a vertical where serious work.

Maybe you have quick connections and your ability to connect is what allows you to help people explore new ideas because they immediately trust you (I've a sister who has this capacity and who uses it wisely, while being direct and consultative).

What is not a style is to refuse to accept the reality or the general principles of good selling. If what you are doing does not work, change it.

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