Finalize the resolution plan before the end of March or we'll stop flying: Jet pilots

With the Jet resolution plan collapsing after the release of Etihad, the pilots of the airline headed by Naresh Goyal announced their decision to stop flying from April 1 if no rescue agreement had been made. by then. Jet aircraft pilots, like other employees of the airline, have not received a salary since December.

While the lenders were once again trying to save Jet from the fall, the Civil Aviation Directorate also convened an emergency meeting.

DGCA, however, did not prevent Jet Airways from making passenger reservations despite massive cancellations and grounding of aircraft. She only said that the airline now operates 41 aircraft, up from 103 in October.

Jet pilots, determined to translate their threat into action, made the collective decision to stop flying from April 1 at the National Aviators Guild's Annual General Meeting in Mumbai.

"This is a collective decision of the pilots and we hope for a resolution at the end of the month, and our interest is that the airline will survive and the jobs will be protected," said Asim Valiani, vice president of the pilot union. After the meeting, nearly 200 pilots gathered at the airline's headquarters to seek assurance from management on the way forward. The pilots' union does not issue a strike notice or directive.

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A meeting with the general manager, Vinay Dube, was also scheduled later in the evening. Until the time we press, the result of the meeting could not be determined.

The airline failed to pay wages and suppliers. To date, full salaries for January and February are pending, as well as 87.5% in December.

The airline, which was unable to obtain financing from banks due to the failure of the resolution process, cancels more than 250 flights a day, forcing the Minister of Aviation, Suresh Prabhu, to conduct an emergency examination.

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The airline's senior executives, including managing director Vinay Dube, met with civil aviation secretary Pradeep Singh Kharola and officials from DGCA. "The DGAC has asked the airline to comply with the relevant provisions of the applicable laws regarding the facilitation of passengers with regard to the communication, compensation, reimbursement and provision of alternative flights, where appropriate", declared a senior official of the DGAC.

Jet's business has dropped significantly and executives have expressed doubts that the current transaction would be enough to cover even the daily expenses. The airline, which has 41 aircraft, currently only makes about 150 daily flights. The aircraft companies have written off 15 planes, seeking to deploy them with other operators.

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Meanwhile, the airline's engineers raised the issue of safety. In a letter to the regulator, they said the issue of payment could affect the safety of the company's aircraft. "Jet Airways was also instructed to ensure that no pilot, cabin crew member or engineer was on duty, had reported any stress whatsoever. In addition, all staff should be aware of all mandatory training requirements. The DGAC is constantly monitoring the overall situation and will take the appropriate measures by the end of the month, if necessary, "said the manager.

Out of a total of 1,600 pilots, many jet pilots plan to leave the company and join other carriers. Up to now, only 200 people have left the company during the current crisis of the last months.