How do you start a microbrewery? With micro-steps

What is the right way to start a microbrewery? Start small.

Guest Post by Deb Brown

When I visited Decatur County, Iowa, several people said they wanted a brewery. They talked about the big obstacles that stood in their way: finding the right building, the right financing, the right people. The big idea seems really difficult in this way. Why not start smaller? Start by using the user-friendly method for ideas: gather your crowd, make connections, take small steps.

Here are some of the questions I suggested they ask themselves and ask themselves to help them start modestly.

Gather your crowd

  • Who in the county is already making homemade beer?
  • Who wants to talk about finding a meeting place for adults?
  • Who is interested in finding a way to bring a new business to town?

Invite them to gather around a beer and talk about the great idea of ​​having a microbrewery. Speak, think about all ideas.

Build connections

  • Who knows who has already started a brewery? Go visit them. Find out what they had to do to get there.
  • Start by looking for items you need to know: licensing, manufacturing laws, etc.
  • What resources does your local community already have that you could use? Who do you talk to to access these resources?
  • Who knows the other home brewing clubs you could visit?

Take small steps

  • Have your brewers do a sampling. See if people are really interested in having a brewery.
  • Maybe form a home brewing club.
  • Try things. Test your market and your product.
  • Could you offer free samples in an empty downtown building, then discover different ways to use this building to reunite adults?
  • Could you settle down at a local event in a beer tent? Maybe use the funds raised to support this event?

Again, gather people around a beer to talk about the possibilities!

Any idea to improve your city can follow the Idea Friendly method. If you'd like some help on how it would work in your city, check out the SaveYour.Town video titled Big Ideas? Small steps!

About Deb Brown

Deb Brown comes from a farm located outside of Geneva, Iowa, 141. His heart is to share the opportunities offered by small towns. Deb travels a lot, traveling the roads whenever possible, talking with locals, telling stories of other small towns and encouraging everyone to listen. She is co-founder of and owner of Building Possibility.

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