How to optimize an inherited sales team with Brad Moore @PersonifyCorp


How to optimize an inherited sales team with Brad Moore @PersonifyCorp

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Find out how you can transform your legacy sales team into Brad Moore's asset of Personify Corp.

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In this article:

  1. About my guest – Brad Moore from Personify Corp.
  2. How to start managing a legacy sales team
    1. What to consider before reducing
  3. How to own and optimize a legacy sales team
    1. Build the trust of your sales team
    2. Have specific goals
    3. Get people to be part of your vision
    4. Determine effective communication channels for your sales team
  4. How to take charge of the previous sales manager
  5. How to make different personalities work
  6. Tips for Sales Leaders

How to build your legacy sales team

What is a constitutive management software? Also called "Customer Relationship Management" or CRM, it is an all-in-one database solution that provides a global view of the components of an organization. Organizations use CRM software to establish, maintain, and enhance relationships with each constituency that interacts with them.

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About my guest Brad Moore of Personify Corp.

Brad Moore is from Austin, Texas. He is Vice President of Sales at Personify Corp.

Personify is a leader in its sector. It has been providing existing constituency management software since 1996. Their primary purpose is to assist associations, as well as nonprofit, wellness and health organizations of all sizes.

How to start managing a legacy sales team

The truth is: many sales managers often change positions in one year, two or three years.

In parallel with these changes, a inherited sales team. Sales Managers often find themselves taking over a sales team that they may not have chosen. Often, they also do not have the luxury or the option of completely resize l & # 39; team.

The question is how sales managers can handle this kind of slippery situation.

As Moore said, all sales managers have most likely gone through this type of situation during their career. That said, it is inevitable. It was at that point that you may have found yourself shaking your head and wondering how the team member had been hired.

One tip he gave is to first understand which members with high potential are. You can categorize your employees to determine who is the best performer and who needs additional guidance.

The important thing is to put yourself in a position to win long term.

Moore has noticed that underperforming members tend to pull themselves out of their role once they see a new leader directing things differently. They are looking for something else on their own, so it's often unnecessary to delete them proactively.

Team members will review your new leadership style and parameters and say, "It's more a good choice for me. I'll look for something else, "so the separation will be done naturally.

What to consider before reducing

Work Team of Modern Office Colleagues | How to optimize an inherited sales team with Brad Moore @PersonifyCorp

Optimize a sales team

With regard to the downsizing of a sales team, some leaders are wondering whether they should eliminate some number people to participate in the development of an improved standard, while some are wondering whether it is better to use the natural method. wear as a result of the change of culture.

Moore advises sales managers to pay attention to this type of decision-making. As he has said, every situation will be different and business leaders must find the most effective solution.

The decision to reduce activities will also depend on the Cut of your sales team. If you have a team of 100 people, then you can consider removing the 10% or 20% lower, depending on your criteria.

The problem is that you need a good hiring process to replenish the people you are going to lose. Do not forget that, no matter how big your team, you will take a hit when you decide to scale down.

Sales managers need to ask themselves these questions before moving to scaling down:

  • How much success can your sales team afford?
  • What does your job pipeline look like?
  • Can you stand this blow and not lose significantly in productivity?

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How to own and optimize a legacy sales team

A problem that sales managers face with a legacy sales team is how they can establish their identity and own the team. Moore shares with us the four ways to get the most out of your sales team.

Build the trust of your sales team

As a new sales manager, your first step should be: build trust of your sales team.

The way to establish their trust is through direct and clear communication. According to Moore, he had not yet found a problem that he can not solve with better communication.

It is important to create a climate of trust, no matter if the previous leader left badly or badly. No matter how this leader is gone, there are things you will do differentlySo, you need to build the trust of your sales team in your type of leadership.

If you do not know your team personally, it becomes more difficult to create a climate of trust.

You do not have to go out with them every day for a drink, but it does not hurt to spend time with them from time to time. Let them see your human side and show them that you are invested in their success.

Remember, however, that you must always know when Draw the line between your personal and professional relationships. Even if you have good intentions to make personal contacts with your people, there is still a good chance that this will become a handicap.

Do not stop reaching out to your team, but be aware of your actions. Find the right balance between your personal and professional relationships.

Have specific goals

Every leader must have specific goals for his team. When you are able to give your sales representatives objectives to be achieved and very specific instructionsyou can build trust and transparency.

Being specific with your sales team also improves your communication with each other. Ambiguity can cause confusion and lead to miscommunication.

For example, if you lead an internal sales team, you can use call metrics or extension attempts as KPIs. You must be Very specific on the targets you expect them to reach regularly so that they can do their job well.

If you do not have specific goals, do not expect to be able to change anything for the better.

Get people to be part of your vision

Successful team | How to optimize an inherited sales team with Brad Moore @PersonifyCorp

Create success through a shared vision

Get people to become part of your vision and make them work to achieve it is the hardest part. You can create personal trust, but you may also need to restore that trust.

As Moore said, it brings us back to communication and transparency. Determine where the gaps where and how you can connect them, then create your vision of growing your tin sales team.

Be sure to communicate your vision and involve your team in the conversation as much as possible. Regardless of the nature and scope of the changes you wish to make, you want to involve them in the process.

Bring them to participate and be part of that vision. This is important because your sales team needs to understand the reasons for the changes you want to make.

You can ask your directors and sales managers to buy first to encourage your salespeople to do the same. When all members of the organization share your vision, it becomes easier to achieve. You will find that you will be on the same page regarding the path that will take you there.

Determine effective communication channels for your sales team

Many sales managers fail when it comes to finding effective channels to communicate with their sales team. Moore recommends finding a mix of communication channels it will work for your organization.

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the Cut your team will also affect how you communicate with them. If you are Vice President, it is difficult to communicate directly with the entire organization, unless you do it through your administrators. That's why you need to empower and activate your core team.

If you have more direct access to the team, you can have daily piles and weekly sales meetings.

Install one-to-one discussions with your team members and give them priority. If you miss these one-on-one meetings, your credibility will suffer.

Your team needs to feel that you give it priority and that its activities and productivity are important to you. Removing the value of your face-to-face meetings causes morale and relationship problems with your team.

The frequency and duration of each meeting you organize depends very much on the coaching you can do. You must also consider the amount of time other parties can devote to these meetings.

How to take charge of the previous sales manager

Undeniably, new sales managers are also worried about playing the role of former leader.

As advised Moore, the worst thing to do is to badmouth your predecessor and reject the blame. When you do that, it means you are selling out of weakness.

Always opt to sell forcibly. Talk about what can be different under your direction. Do not talk negatively about the person who occupied your position before, because you invite comparisons.

According to Moore, comparisons do not count. What matters is that you can define concrete steps and appropriate steps to build a successful sales team.

How to make different personalities work

Good team in meeting | How to optimize an inherited sales team with Brad Moore @PersonifyCorp

Encouraging team work as a sales manager

Moore admits that he's not there silver ball this will make different personalities and teams work well together.

As soon as you start to change your organization, you will encounter problems. When you adjust a seller's compensation plan, you will often encounter resistance unless you create additional benefits.

That's why you have to let your sales team see how it can advantage changes that you want to make. Start with the "Why," then enter the nuts and bolts of "How."

the communication process is an essential element to success. If you do not communicate often with your sales team and you do not define the details accurately, they will not see any ambiguity. This is often the reason why organizational changes do not work well.

Tips for Sales Leaders

Moore left two very important tips to leaders who may have difficulty with the team they inherited:

  1. Do not try to be a hero. Do not try to do everything yourself. You must recognize that there are other leaders within the organization who can help you.
  2. Have your own mentors. Your mentors are objective and require you to respect the standard you want to set for yourself and your team. Having your own mentors will keep you on track as a sales manager.

If you would like to contact Brad Moore, you can send him a message on LinkedIn. You can also learn more about Personify through their website.

The optimization of an inherited sales team is a challenge that most sales managers encounter. The good thing is that there are ways to overcome and overcome this difficult task. Apply these tips for your sales team to succeed.

What difficulties do you encounter when you take over a sales team? Share them with us in the comments section below.