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On sale, fast can be slow, and slow can be fast.

Even if you are able to do the discovery work necessary to provide your dream client the solution he needs in one meeting, the contacts you meet may need more time to discover for themselves why imperious that they should change and do something different. They may need more time to work with you on the correct answer to include to work for them. When you race in front of you, you can leave your contacts behind.

You may think that the stakeholders you have met understand their challenge or opportunity and the right solution, but it is possible that other people within their company do not have the information needed to reach the same conclusion. Moreover, some may have options in direct conflict with what you and your key stakeholders feel are right and right and true. Your team may need more time to help their peers understand what they need to do. Pushing for a decision now means depriving them of that time.

The solution you want to offer can be exactly the right one for the customer of your dreams and also absolutely wrong right now. It's possible that even if your initiative gives them what they need, they may not have the time, money, or resources to run it now. They may need time to set up some pieces, acquire the budget or devote resources to the initiative.

The complex sale

A complex sale is a sale in which the buyer seldom makes the decision, and this decision is important. When you do not often make a particular decision, you want to collect information, consider different options, explore different perspectives, and increase the certainty that you know what you need to know to make a good decision.

When a decision is going to have a significant impact, it's natural to spend more time not to go wrong. The right decision can propel your results and a bad decision can be catastrophic.

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You do not want to disconnect from the customer of your dreams when you follow the sales conversation. If you go so fast that your contacts can not follow, you leave them behind. It is better to learn to control the process (see The Lost Art Of Closing: Win The 10 Commitments That Boost Sales to learn more about how to control the process).

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