"No conflict of interest between Cong. and Gathbandhan in the United Kingdom »

Senior U.P. Congress President Pradeep Mathur said Sunday that there was no conflict of interest between Congress and Gathbandhan (the anti-BJP alliance) and that the The main goal was to defeat the BJP.

"The main goal of Congress and Gathbandhan is to defeat the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections, and both parties are committed to the same goal. We have no conflict of interest. Our goal is to defeat the Modi government and form a UPA government in Delhi, "said Mathur.

Gov. Congress

Another important goal of the party is to form a congressional government in the United States. in 2022, Mr. Mathur, four-time member of Mathura, said. "We have our star general secretary, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, whose recent Ganga Yatra has been a success," he added.

'Modi on picnic'

Asked to comment on Deputy Minister Dinesh Sharma's recent remarks that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had embarked on a picnic, the veteran leader said, "Prime Minister Modi spends almost every day. He has spent most of the past five years traveling abroad. Apart from that, huge sums of money have been spent on advertising. "

He also alleged that cleaning the Ganga, as the BJP claims, was not done. Cleanliness is also lacking in places of religious significance in the state, such as Mathura, Kashi, and Ayodhya.

Instead of asking questions about Congress President Rahul Gandhi, the BJP is expected to respond to revelations made in the newspaper of former Karnataka Minister, B.S. Yeddyurappa, said Mathur.

Lokpal probe wanted

Congress called on Lokpal on Friday to investigate a newspaper report that bribes in the amount of $ 1,800 crore were paid to the highest leaders of the Bharatiya Janata party by Yeddyurappa.

The allegation was based on photocopies of the so-called BSY diary, which was submitted to the Income Tax Department on Saturday, but was dismissed as a "falsified document" and a "set of flying documents" .