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Most people believe that they are motivated by money. They are not motivated by money. they just want more money. If you ask the question to one of the world's 7.4 billion people, everyone would like to have more money, including the wealthiest, regardless of the degree of change in their lives.

The earth is covered with silver, but it is not evenly distributed. The gross domestic product of the Earth in 2017 is estimated by the World Bank at $ 80 trillion. The total wealth of the earth is estimated at about 280 trillion dollars. And even if there are many more important things than money, money is always needed.

You can have as much as you are ready to win, but you may not have as many as you want. If you do not have the money you think you want, here are some key reasons.

Does not create value for others

Some people believe that others owe them money and are disappointed that they do not provide it. There are some who think that they can not have more money because others already have it. However, that's not the way money works. The acquisition of money is a company apart. You may not know that you are breaking one of the main laws governing the acquisition of money: you must create value for others.

If you are not willing to create value for others, the money will escape you. The more value you create for others, the more chances you have to win. There are some prerequisites for value creation that include education (knowledge) and skills (skills). Platitudes such as "readers are leaders" and "those who win are learners" may be zany, but these aphorisms contain a truth that deserves to be recognized.

Little value, little money. More value, more money. Make yourself more useful to others and start serving them.

Not enough value for enough people

People who earn more money create more value for more people. The value they create scales. The more value you create, the more value you will earn. For most people, increasing the value they create means taking on more responsibility for achieving results that have a positive impact on more people.

That is why the spirit of enterprise is so attractive to those who want more money, even if the best of them also want to have a positive impact on the lives of the people. others (and the worst of them would like to start a business as quickly as possible or grow as much as possible.

The fewer people who benefit from what you do, the less you win. If you want more money, you need to create more value for more people.

How to be motivated by money

Here is how you can find out if someone is motivated by money. Look to see if they are doing the work to become more than they are now, someone who can create more value. Observe what they do and see if they are trying to create value for others. Write down their work habits and their willingness to do more. If these things are missing, the individual wants only money and he is not motivated yet.

The order in which things tend to come is that you need to be more and do more to get more. Once you have more, you can contribute more to the causes that matter to you, which is one of the best motives for looking for money and will bring you greater satisfaction than that of an elegant car or of a big house.

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