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How to use technology to evolve your sales team with Christopher Fago @Palo Alto Networks

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Learn how to use technology to grow your sales team with Christopher Fago, sales manager for cloud security at Palo Alto Networks.

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In this article:

  1. introduction
  2. About My Guest – Christopher Fago, Sales Manager for Cloud Security at Palo Alto Networks
  3. Sales Teams of Nailing and Scaling
  4. Secrets to nail a sales team
  5. Towards technology
  6. Choosing the right technology
  7. Incoming priority outbound sales model
  8. Link the technology of prospecting and numbering to high volume
  9. Fast nail and scale

Management of the sales team | Expand your sales team with technology

Scale definition: The process of building a sales team by increasing the number of representatives.

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It's no secret to us today that technology has almost everything. The field of sales is no exception to that.

More and more companies are looking at using technology for optimize their sales teams. In particular, they want to know how current technology can be used to ladder their sales teams.

To help us understand the role of technology in ramping up the sales force, we called on Christopher Fago. He is the sales manager for cloud security at Palo Alto Networks.

About My Guest – Christopher Fago, Sales Manager for Cloud Security at Palo Alto Networks

Despite more than eight years of sales experience, Fago did not start his career in the sales sector. He began his career in the music industry before finding a call in technology sales a few years later.

He began his career in sales as a data trainee at a health information company. As the company's account manager, he spent six years managing renewals and customer service.

In June 2017, he joined RedLock, a technology company specializing in cloud security and compliance risk. He led RedLock's Sales Development Representatives (RDS) team and was responsible for managing the company's outbound sales strategy.

Fago established a handful of aggressive goals for his team, which they accomplished in just 17 month.

As current sales manager for Palo Alto Networks, he leads his team in detecting and responding to the company's advanced cloud security threats.

Sales Teams of Nailing and Scaling

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Develop a successful sales team to increase productivity

Before talking about the technology that underlies the sales team at scale, we first asked Fago about his opinion on the sales team in general. Like us here at, Fago also believes in the adage: "You have to nail it before climbing it."

For Fago, it is important that team leaders first develop a effective and winning process within a sales team before think about resizing it. A leader must be able to join the team, establish a stable sales framework and make the most of this strategy.

Only after Some sales objectives have been achieved if Fago plans to recruit a person capable of leading the sales team of a start-up start-up, Series A. When asked to do so Explaining the reason behind this type of thinking, he said, "I'd rather not see anyone drowning than having to constantly help them swim."

Secrets to nail a sales team

Given his eight years of sales experience, we asked Fago to share his secrets about how he describes his team's sales strategy. He mentioned six key things:

1. Talk, do not sell

Fago emphasized the importance of speaking to people instead of sale to them, saying, "In this [sales] industry, people really want to talk to you. Train your team to refrain from talking to customers from a sales point of view.

Tell them rather to approach customers from a point of view education and awareness point of view. When they do, their leaders will be willing to engage in a real conversation with them.

This helps to convert conversations with prospects into real sales.

2. Creating predictable revenue

Another secret that Fago shares in nailing a sales team is to create a strategy that generates predictable returned. A predictable income does not only generate money for your business; it gives your representatives a concrete goal to achieve.

Ultimately, generating predictable revenue encourages your salespeople to work harder, smarter and better.

3. Prioritize your time

Any good sales team should be able to prioritize their time during sales-related tasks.

Fago cited customer calls as an example. As sales manager at Palo Alto Networks, he made it a policy for customer calls until the last day. at more 30 minutes.

In addition to setting a time limit for customer calls, it also has a policy in place whereby representatives schedule only a customer call when customers seriously recital buy in on the offer.

4. Set expectations

Fago mentioned that it was important to train your representatives to clearly set expectations with customers during each call, saying, "If at any time they [the client] do not feel like we're in shape or if we do not feel like they're [the client] a good fit, we can leave as friends and not have a grudge. "

If it is important to clearly define the expectations of the customer, it is also essential to do it politely. In this way, you can really say it when you say that you want to leave things between the customer and you as friends.

5. Qualify your tracks

The problem with sales teams in most start-up companies is that sales representatives generally do not know when Stop. As a sales manager for a start-up with limited sources, it's critical to know when and how to say no to customers.

Carefully qualify your prospects and tailor customers to your resources.

6. Stick to the process

Once you have found a sales strategy that suits your team, do your best to make sure that the plan The sticks.

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Towards technology

When asked how Fago started using technology to evolve his sales team, he mentioned two scenarios:

  • Ask people to try to change the team from two to ten
  • Accelerate the efforts of two people using technology

After spending a month with rigorous interviews, he came to the conclusion that the whole process was not feeling well. He was not convinced he had found the right people he needed to strengthen his current sales team.

Fago was however confident in what he could do and in the skills of his trading partner. From this interview experience, he realized the benefits of scaling up a sales team using technology:

  • You save on benefits such as PTO, medical care, dental care, etc.
  • A larger portion of the commission payment goes to the actual sales team

Choosing the right technology

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Using technology to evolve a sales team

For any company that wants to use technology to evolve its sales team, here are two of Fago's recommendations:

  • Engagement platform
  • High volume dialer

Having a platform of engagement and a high volume dialer allows a small team to do two to three times the amount of work in one go. The general rule – technology must capture the amount of activity a team of six would be able to unsubscribe.

Incoming priority outbound sales model

In addition to using technology, Fago has also introduced another innovation in its sales strategy at Palo Alto Networks. He has reached a new level of the usual Inbound-Outbound sales model …priority.

The Priority level is reserved for customers with whom all sales representatives have been able to converse, regardless of their outcome. Fago suggested that priority links allowed salespeople to easily prioritize their tasks.

Link the technology of prospecting and numbering to high volume

Although Fago strongly believes in high volume dialing technology, he thinks it only works if it's done. together with classic and hardcore prospecting.

He emphasized the importance of prospecting by saying, "You must have your list. These tools are worthless without the ability to find the right people to call. "

Once you have a list of real tracks, you will have the opportunity to do activities in large quantities. It is only at this stage that a high volume dialer is really useful.

Fast nail and scale

In conclusion with Fago, we asked him for excerpts that we could take home with us to summarize how other teams can use the technology to rapidly nail and resize their sales teams:

  • Define the top five titles in your sales process
  • Build the largest list of prospects possible
  • Start a wide net by combining manual and technical numbering
  • Pick up the phone and get a high volume dialer
  • Develop an important sales activity to target a specific audience

Learning to tailor your sales team with the help of technology has many advantages. With the right technology, you can double your sales efforts, even if you're starting out as a small team.

If you want to add technologies to your sales strategy, look for those that offer a free trial so you can try them without long-term commitment.

How did you use technology to evolve your sales team? Share your strategies with us in the comments section below.