What do they want to be good at?

Customers who buy handmade soap do not just want to be clean. What do they want to be good at?

A few weeks ago, we talked about getting to know your customers to help them answer questions. This week, get to know your customers better by thinking about what they want to be good at.

What do your customers want to be good at?

You help customers all the time. The question today is, how do you help them to be good? If you help someone improve something important for them, they will be more likely to want to work with you.

Let's look at three examples of local businesses and explain how they help people improve their performance.

  • If you operate a tire shop, you may be helping people become better drivers or keep their families safe on the road.
  • If you are an accountant, you may be helping people improve their small business or control their finances.
  • If you make handmade soaps, your customers may want to reduce waste effectively to protect the environment.

Think about your own business. How do your customers want to be better? What are you helping them do well? Take a moment to take notes.

Share the information they need to be better

Of course, your product, service or business helps customers, but you can take another step by creating content or information that helps them.

  • Answer customer questions
  • Make recommendations based on your own expertise
  • Share examples of other clients with permission or by making them anonymous

Share this information with words, photos, illustrations or video. Use live video, create your own blog, post on social networks. Use the channels that help you reach your customers. This is content marketing.

The goal of sharing is more than making customers better. We must also convince them to work with you in particular. Entrepreneur Brian Clark said it this way:

"It is your job to introduce yourself early with quality content that convinces that your advice is more effective than in the past."

Brian also suggested the following questions to help you determine how you are giving customers ways to improve:

  • Once a person becomes a client or a client, she is entitled to ______________.
  • Their experience with us makes them feel ______________.
  • When they talk about their experience with others, they say: ______________.

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