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9 best predictive dialers for your business

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Want to get a predictive dialer for your sales team? Learn more about this technology and our top predictive dialer choices on the market in this article.

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Choose the best automatic dialer to grow your business

Definition of the predictive dialer: A type of technology for outgoing calls that automatically dials phone numbers from a predetermined list.

1. five

Five9's artificial intelligence platform does much more than the average dialer. It allows agents to do more automate some data entry tasks and does qualifying interactions more intuitive.

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The AI ​​of the platform has a voice recognition function, which allows him to identify specific customers. Agents can identify who is calling for repeat transactions or making offers based on markers collected by the software. It will then prioritize the call and tell the agent the customer in question.

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2. ChaseData

The ChaseData predictive dialer feature is included in the ChaseData Professional Edition. Its robust service package makes it a serious choice for businesses.

The professional edition also comes with "Trainee mode" help integrate trainees so that companies can reduce training time. This allows companies to reduce training costs and help agents work 100% faster.

ChaseData also includes Zapier, which allows the automation of tasks while agents are taking calls.

3. InsideSales.com PowerDialer

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PowerDialer predictive dialer software from InsideSales.com

More than a predictive dialer, this product takes advantage of the PowerDialer technology, which never drops calls. The software itself also predicts who and when call to increase qualifications and sales.

PowerDialer facilitates the day-to-day management of sales calls by enabling managers to define who the agents will call and at what time of day. This allows agents to get to work because this function eliminates have to qualify prospects through sales meetings or planning time.

Product integration with Salesforce gives sales managers the unmatched visibility they need, with agents helping to move customers from one sales funnel phase to another.

The "local presence" is another useful feature, which allows them to reproduce local numbers in the areas where they are. This solution has several advantages, but it ultimately makes a society more accessible to the other person on the line.

4. CallHub

What subscribers love about CallHub is the dialer's ability to simplify their awareness processes or adapt them to more complex campaigns. CallHub integrates with most CRM sales software and provides text and voice broadcasting as touch points added with perspectives.

Definition of the CRM software: CRM, or customer relationship management software, allows a company to keep online customer records and allow it to record customer interactions and other important information.

5. Voicent

Voicent offers a user-friendly predictive dialer that will improve the productivity of your agents by allowing the software to:

  • Manage wait times, busy signals and voicemail systems
  • Introduce customers who are ready to contact them

Small businesses can also fine-tune their budgets with Voicent because it offers a pay-as-you-go model instead of a subscription. This is really a great way to increase the productivity and efficiency of a sales team without breaking the bank.

6. Deskforce

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Using predictive dialers to increase productivity

Deskforce, formerly Innitel, provides sales managers and agents with a feature-rich interface that to integrate slowly with client-specific APIs. The predictive composer claims to be able to increase productivity up to 400% thanks to its intelligent algorithms that accelerate call processing speeds according to the specifications of a campaign.

In addition to searching for unproductive calls, the system allows a variety of modes, such as:

  • Manual numbering – to catch unique leads
  • Composition overview – to enter customer information on the screen
  • Progressive dialing – for better distribution of calls to waiting agents.

The composer has a "Time zone" calling ", which allows him to filter leads whose numbers are in a more advanced time zone and may be already sleeping.

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7. Genesys PureCloud

Genesys PureCloud cloud infrastructure helps organizations easily adapt their operations to their needs. It also allows businesses to get back on track quickly after a failure. His intuitive and user-friendly interface helps managers move training officers to the actual ground work.

The composer boasts of one customer-centric design, which facilitates a more effective call flow. Companies can also reduce file and supplies storage costs, as the platform also provides document storage functionality.

8. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 provides a solid solution for small businesses and remote teams. This hybrid business phone system, auto dialer and CRM features features such as intelligent call routing and national and international phone number leasing.

Bitrix24's robust, feature-independent set of features not only include a free CRM – it can also be used as telephony and call center as well as a project management system.

9. DialFire

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Dialfire Cloud Calling Software

DialFire cloud-based auto dialer app allows sales teams to create custom forms and complex sales campaigns with automatic workflows. Managers can control and see call quality more easily with real time call analysis, recording and monitoring.

The software features also allow a center to distribute calls to its associated call centers, making it an ideal platform for companies with sun-on-sun models and branch offices around the world.

Automatic numbering software will serve your sales activation efforts well by increasing the productivity of your sales team. In addition to managing your call lists, these dialers will also allow your agent to meet their customers at the best moments of their prospects.

Another advantage of this technology is that it arms agents with contextual information about the customer, which increases the chances of concluding contracts as quickly as possible. We hope this list of the best composers on the market has been helpful in your search for a predictive dialer for your sales team.

What other tools do you use for sales promotion? Give us your recommendations in the comments section below and we will discuss them in future articles.