Bet on the majority of Naidu

Within a month of the election results, politically enthusiastic voters in the Kuppam Assembly constituency engage in a hectic activity of betting on the majority of the votes of Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu.

Since 1989, when Mr. Naidu won the seat with a comfortable majority of 6,918 votes, winning his seat in Kuppam, every election of the Assembly until 2014, the majority has grown phenomenally , although fluctuating. In 1994, when the TDP returned to power in the second round of the NTR, Naidu was re-elected in Kuppam with a majority of 56,588 votes. When Naidu was catapulted to the post of chief minister in 1995, Kuppam's fate took a turn. The so-called punishment zone became overnight "the district of the Prime Minister". It is not an exaggeration, when Kuppam residents visited the Secretariat, the word "Kuppam" was their passport for the CM Chamber. After three decades, Mr. Naidu still has power in Kuppam. Every year of elections, only the majority of votes count, and the simple saying that "defeating Naidu" is widely considered "almost impossible".

Distributed on the mandates of Kuppam, Ramakuppam, Gudupalle and Shantipuram, the constituency is largely an agrarian region. Mr. Naidu has a tradition of not going to Kuppam during the elections. Perhaps he is the only Kuppam winning candidate with an exceptional majority each time, while remaining completely out of the campaign. His appointment would also be tabled by party officials. In 2019, executives collected approximately 29,000 lakhs as public contributions to Mr. Naidu's "nomination fees and election expenses". This is called "Chandranna Hundi". In 2009 and 2014, the majority of votes was 46,066 and 46,927.

The YSRCP executives are this time convinced that the majority of Mr. Naidu would not go beyond the 20,000 mark, while there is also a strong argument that the majority would be close to the 10,000 mark.

In tea stands, roadside hotels and wine shops, we talk about it mainly. The bet began with the majority even before the submission of the application. YSRCP executives received a boost with around 25,000 people meeting the party leader, Y. Jagan Mohan Reddy's tour to Kuppam a few days before the elections. The party's candidate, K. Chandramouli, admitted to a hospital in Hyderabad for serious health problems, continued to seek public attention through social media publications.

Coming from the TDP side, Mr. Naidu repeated several times during his campaigns in the state that Kuppam would bring him a majority of 70,000 votes. In this context, bets were taken up by all sections, mainly by farmers and traders. In some cases, promissory notes are prepared, but with a mention of personal loan to avoid legal hassle.

At the same time, a police officer from the Palamaner Subdivision said that it was not easy to control the bets until a complaint was received.