How church buildings can do more for the community

This week, at SaveYour.Town, we explain how to take large empty buildings and distribute them among several small businesses. A model consists of co-working spaces, which provide a shared office and workspace. Then our friend Jon Swanson sent us an article about rural churches doing innovative things, including a shared workspace. This seems to be a perfect fit for some small town churches.

Allen T. Stanton writes: Rural churches can thrive beyond numbers. The example that he gave is the first United Methodist Church in Sanford, Florida, which he describes as "a small town outside of Orlando."

Stanton listed the questions that a pastor named Meghan started asking about their role in the community. "What are the needs we can meet?" And "What does it mean to be a leader in this particular community?"

This is where the collaborative workspace for the idea of ​​non-profit organizations appeared. Until now, non-profit organizations include food programs, support groups and entrepreneurial initiatives focused on justice.

"All of these groups were trying to find ways to work together," Meghan said. "We want to find ways for our church to help with this."

Think of the churches in your small town. Do some of them ask questions like this? Do some share their buildings with outside groups or another congregation?

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