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I have already asked this question here many times and in several ways:

  • If you watched a video about how you spent your time, say last week, would they immediately recognize your goals?
  • After watching the video, what do they think would be important to you if you examined the objective evidence of the physical actions you take throughout the day?

In a workshop I was giving, a young man said that to work better, he would need a financial incentive. When I asked him why he should be paid more for better work, he replied, "I am motivated by money." He was surprised that I had insisted that "I am very good at it." he was not motivated by money and lacked motivation.

There is this old cartoon of a man standing in front of a wood stove, holding wood in his arms. The stove says to the man, "Give me more wood and I will give you more warmth." The man responds, "Give me more heat and I will give you more wood."

There is a certain order of things in this universe, a law that we recognize as cause and effect. As far as I could discern, there is no law of effect and cause. You do not heat before putting wood in the stove, which means you have to grasp your ax and cut wood if you want heat. This law can not be broken, but you may be breaking the law.

For some, last week's video would indicate that comfort and entertainment were their number one priority. For others, the video might indicate that their goal was to win arguments about social media policy. Most videos show individual drift, carried by invisible forces, without a real purpose or purpose.

Watching the video of those who are motivated would show that they have blocked time, eliminated distractions and done what brought them to life that they wish for themselves and for their people. While there would surely be comfort and entertainment, their week would be a lot different from the majority.

In the United States, the average life of a man is 79 years, or 4,108 weeks. For women, this number is 81 or 4,212 weeks. I will allow you to do your own calculations here, but I will be very clear on the purpose of this exercise:

Whatever your goals, whatever your dreams, whatever your wishes, whatever your goals, spend the few weeks allocated to you to continue with vim and force!

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