Carr Lane enters into a joint venture with a Chennai-based company to produce components for aerospace

The American company Carr Lane Manufacturing and Rialto Enterprises Pvt Ltd of Chennai, part of the Rayala Group 600,000 rupees, have set up a joint venture for the production of specialized aerospace components, initially intended for export to the market. International Carr Lane.

"Carr Lane Manufacturing has recognized an opportunity not only to control production costs through the supply of Indian products, but also to create a market for Indian products," said Colin Frost, director of operations for the company. Carr Lane Manufacturing tooling, with a capital of $ 50 million. He added that during the first three years, most of the Indian production would be used for export.

The new 70-hour joint venture will begin commercial production in three months and hopes to achieve a sizeable business figure over the next 24 months. It is expected to invest about 80 to 100 crores of rupees during the first three to four years.

Ranjit Pratap, general manager of Rialto Enterprises, said that the basic infrastructure of the new facility is already available in the company's factory to produce high-quality components used by the industry aerospace. Rialto already manufactures press components for the Wabco automotive components company. The Oral Care division of the company manufactures Oral B toothbrushes under license from Procter & Gamble and currently produces 30 million toothbrushes per month.