Karnataka agrees to release 2.5 tons of water a day in Jurala

In response to Telangana's request, Karnataka agreed to dump 2.5 Mt of water from the Narayanpur Dam to the Jurala Reservoir to meet the drinking water needs of the undivided Mahabubnagar District. The release of water should start late Friday night.

Keeping in mind the precarious situation of the availability of water in Jurala, where it becomes increasingly difficult to draw water for consumption purposes due to the falling water level, the Chief Minister, K. Chandrasekhar Rao, spoke by phone with his counterpart from Karnataka on April 30. to release 3 tmc of water from Narayanpur to Jurala. He also explained the acute shortage of drinking water in the homes of the Mahabubnagar combined district of Jurala.

On the same day, Secretary General S.K. Joshi wrote to his Karnataka counterpart T.M. Vijaya Bhaskar to reiterate the plea of ​​the Chief Minister.

According to CMO officials, Mr. Kumaraswamy met with Mr. Rao on Friday morning and informed him of the decision to dump 2.5 t of water from Narayanpur to Jurala.

Cordial relations

Thanking Karnataka's gesture, Rao said it had become possible thanks to Telangana's approach of maintaining friendly and cordial relations with all neighboring states. He thanked Karnataka on behalf of the people of Mahabubnagar.

It was pointed out that a similar approach with Maharashtra had accelerated the start of the Kaleshwaram project as a result of an agreement with that state and that it had also been helpful in quickly obtaining certain authorizations key.

Officials said Karnataka had rejected a ton of water each in 2016-17 and 2017-18 from Narayanpur to Jurala, when the Mahabubnagar region was facing a shortage of clean water. Similarly, Telangana reciprocated by allowing Karnataka to use half a meter of water out of it in Tungabhadra water when its Ayacut system as part of the Rajolibanda Diversion Program (RDS) had a urgent need of water.

Fall levels

Friday, the water in Jurala was 1,026.25 feet (against a tank full of 1,045 feet) with storage of only 1.93 tmc against a total capacity of 9.66 tmc. Last year, storage on the same day (May 3) was 3.54 tmc ft with a level of 1.032.45 ft. The poor water level in the reservoir forced officials to dig an approach channel into the riverbed in March to draw water from the Bhagirata Mission pumping station.