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It's common to oppose social media figures that suggest you have to hurry. Some people find the idea of ​​people working too much, too much and too long to be bad advice, suggesting that life is more than a constant job. You will be made aware of placing your relationships before work, an idea I am mostly in agreement with, but not if your laziness prevents you from taking care of the people who make up those relationships.

Criticisms about the crush of people apply to a small percentage of the total population, with very few of them working to death or even to burnout. The best criticisms and unsolicited advice would be better directed towards those who are lazy, do too little, too little energy and avoid work.

Unwilling to work

When you are born, other people take care of you, making you a dependent. As you grow up, these people need to help you become independent – and you must become a self-sustaining and productive human being, as defined by everything you believe these words mean. Choosing to be lazy is to violate the laws of nature.

Nature requires you to put considerable effort into meeting your needs, such as food, water, shelter, transportation, a Netflix subscription and excellent internet bandwidth. Nature does not care whether you think you have to support yourself or not, and reality does not worry about hurting your feelings, whether you're suffering or not.

If you wish, you can choose not to want to work (and it's a choice). You can choose to stay inactive, less and less, less and less, less and less by contributing. However, this is not what you have been doing for; you have had to make efforts, to create something useful for others, to work.

You can also put comfort, entertainment and entertainment before work, which helps to avoid what you should do and distracts you from postponing it. What prevents laziness, is your ability to want to work, to master you or what I call "the management of me", because those who can not handle themselves find themselves with difficulties that get multiply with time.

If there are criticisms to make to individuals about work, these criticisms should be directed to those who do too little – not to those who some might think are doing too much.

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