9 ways that a predictive dialer can boost your business


9 ways that a predictive dialer can boost your business

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Discover in this article the different ways that a predictive dialer can increase the efficiency and productivity of your business and, ultimately, help boost your business.

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In this article:

  1. Can improve productivity through the use of effective algorithms
  2. Automatically assigns calls to available representatives
  3. Merges and manages incoming and outgoing calls
  4. Organizes and manages the customer database
  5. Keeps the database up-to-date
  6. Ensures equal workload among sales representatives
  7. Improves individual and team performance
  8. Allows sales managers to track sales performance
  9. It's profitable

Why should you use a predictive dialer for your business

What is the predictive dialer? A predictive dialer is an intelligent system that processes and handles outgoing calls. He uses computer algorithms to dial the phone numbers stored in his database and permanently assigns calls to sales representatives.

1. Can improve productivity through the use of effective algorithms

The predictive dialer's efficient computer algorithms can determine how long does it take for each sales representative to completed a call. He can also predict when he should beginning dial the next number to start a new calll.

Predictive dialer software can analyze the number of calls it has to make. To do this, it draws data from the following sources and factors:

  • Call Ratio
  • Number of representatives available
  • Number of operational lines
  • Average time spent by each representative on a call

On the basis of these data, he can adjust his composition rate and frequency of call. As a result, the predictive dialing system can increase the efficiency of the commercial.

Now, representatives can maximize the time spent making calls. The system allows them to handle two calls at the same time, otherwise it would have taken them if they had not used a predictive dialer.

2. Automatically assigns calls to available representatives

The predictive dialer is smart enough to detect if a representative is available take a call. he automatically assigns the next call to an available representative, which means that they can not choose which call they will receive or ignore.

This process requires that all sales representatives be competent enough to manage all call. It also prevents them from giving pride of place to the prospects and customers they will attend and entertain.

3. Merges and manages incoming and outgoing calls

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Using a Predictive Dialer to Handle Outgoing and Incoming Calls

If your business deals with both incoming customer service and outgoing sales calls, the predictive dialing system will greatly benefit you.

It mixes and manages incoming and outgoing calls. This means that the system can be associated with an automated call distribution system to assign calls to available representatives.

Between these two systems, a predictive dialer has the ability to queue of callers when there is no representative available yet.

It can also take the messages from the callerThis allows representatives to know what the caller needs. If the customer hangs up while he is in queue, the sales representative can easily call him back and provide him with what he needs.

4. Organize and manage the customer database

Another benefit of having a predictive dialer software is that you can organize and manage your database for clients. The software keeps all relevant records for your business so you can always extract them when you need them.

The dialer detects the results of the calls and archives records under specific categories in the customer database. He can adjust the structure of the call based on his previous recordings.

To ensure that your sales representatives can cover all potential customers, the software provides a list of numbers busy and not picked up. In turn, they can call back these numbers.

The software also maintains a list of numbers that belong to people who no longer wishes to receive the call from your sales representatives. This customer management system prevents your sales team from wasting time dialing numbers that do not have the potential to generate sales.

5. Keeps the database up to date

Having a predictive dialer ensures that you have a update customer database. There will be no unattended caller, the software keeping a list of numbers that require a reminder.

The people preferred call time is also registered, so that the dialer automatically contacts them at the specified time.

Even before taking the call, sales representatives can keep abreast of callers' concerns through relevant information provided by the software.

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6. Ensures equal workload between sales representatives

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Division calls for the help of a predictive dialer

Since the predictive dialer is an automated system, salespeople and managers can look forward to equal distribution of workload among the team.

Sales reps receive and manage a constant stream of dialer calls. It's up to them to make the most of each call processed.

7. improves individual and team performance

The continuous and automatic call flow allows sales representatives to be more productive. Once they have become accustomed to the predictive dialing process, their effectiveness will eventually be improved.

Everyone has the opportunity to hone their skills in sales and phone management. This system also challenges them to manage their time wisely with each call.

Once the numbering software learns call patternsit can apply the collected data on the structure of the call. This gives salespeople more time to talk to prospects that they can convert into customers.

The predictive dialer can increase the productivity of your salespeople. As a result, their morale improves – they can more easily reach their sales goals and generate more profits.

8. Allows sales managers to track sales performance

With predictive dialing software, sales managers can monitor sales calls and check call recordings. This allows them to know who needs additional help in terms of customer service skills to be able to provide the necessary training.

Sales managers can also retrieve reports on the performance of system representatives. They can use this data to report and provide an appropriate assessment for each representative.

9. It's profitable

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Increase productivity using a predictive dialer

It is worth investing in a predictive dialer because it offers a good return on investment. With this system in place, you can provide customers with better service, increasing the chances of retaining them and getting a higher profit.

Having a predictive dialer ensures a smooth process, from outgoing calls to the preservation of essential information, within your database. It can really increase the capabilities and performance of your business.

Automating your outbound dialing system will give a smoother process for your day-to-day operations. It can also increase the efficiency and productivity of your sales team, resulting in increased lead conversions and sales. We hope these tips have helped you better understand the benefits of a predictive dialer.

What tools do you provide to your representatives to ensure that the time spent on calls is productive? We would like to hear about it in the comments section below.


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