Still for IUML in Ponnani

The Muslim League of the Indian Union (IUML) reaffirmed its supremacy in the Ponnani constituency when its national secretary and two-time incumbent, AND Mohammed Basheer rejected the Independent Independent Father, supported by the Democratic Left Front (DFL). Anvar, deputy, by almost two lakh votes.

Even by creating a sort of history in the margin of victory at Ponnani, IUML turned the triumphal opportunity into an opportunity to demonstrate that the party was invincible in the southwestern part of the district. Malappuram.

Mr. Anvar, currently Nilambur MP, went to Ponnani with a lot of fanfare to explain his potential ability to destroy the unity of the United Democratic Front (UDF) by deepening his reflections, especially the Congress. But his general behavior in the pre- and post-election scenarios caused a lot of distress within the FDL district. The Indian Communist Party (ICC), one of the major constituents of the LDF, had openly declared against him.

Mr Basheer's huge margin of victory plunged the ranks of the UDF into rifts of jubilation at Ponnani.

His advance had scored 1.93 lakh in the end.

When Mr. Basheer questioned 5.21 lakh votes, Mr. Anvar got 3.28 lakh votes. Candidate of the BJP, V.T. Rama collected 1,10 lakh votes. K. Narayanan of the BJP won 75,212 votes in the 2014 elections in Ponnani.

Assembly segments such as Tirurangadi, Tirur and Kottakkal have given the UDF an advance of more than 40,000 in each. Tanur, which the DFL had seized in 2016, gave Mr. Basheer a lead of over 32,000 votes. When the UDF gained an advance of more than 12,000 votes in Tavanur, its advance to Ponnani was nearly 10,000 and in Thrithala, just over 8,400. The UDF was Going to the polls with some concern in Ponnani, while independent LDF-backed V. Abdurahman waged a tough battle in the 2014 elections, bringing Mr. Basheer's lead to 25,410 votes.