The best LED light strips

If you have a reliable internet connection, smart lamps are an inexpensive way to make your home rich, attractive and penthouse. You can adjust the brightness of your lights and most devices allow you to set the mood by choosing from over 16 million colors. In the last few months, I've been testing some soft lighting options that do not require any external hubs and most are working with your existing smart home assistants. Here are my favorites.

This one is my favorite. The most important feature: you do not need a separate hub to control your smart lamps. They connect via Wi-Fi and have an adhesive on their backs so you can stick the lights on your walls, or under cornices and cabinets. The LEDs create up to 16 million colors and are programmable. You can create custom lighting patterns via the smartphone app. You can also set up a lighting calendar and make voice changes via Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. The starter kit includes two 6.5-foot LED strips. There are eight programmable color zones on each band and 700 lumens per band. The tapes have a shelf life of 22 years.

The Sylvania LED light strip is Apple HomeKit compatible, which means you can change the colors and settings with Siri or via the application. It connects via Bluetooth and comes with three flexible 2 foot strips with an adhesive on the back. I would advise you to buy additional double-sided tape in case you move the lights; every time you take them off, they lose a little of their stick. The lights are energy efficient, have an adjustable white color temperature and a range of 16 million colors. The only feature I want to Sylvania, including LIFX, is the possibility for lights to automatically rotate colors. With these lights, you can only adjust the brightness and change the colors.

This next option – a unique 6.6-foot, 1800-lumen LED strip – is the latest on the market. Like others, they can be cut in some places to create a shorter segment. Once you have cut, you can not reconnect the two parts. The Eve lights can be extended with additional bands and reach up to 32.8 feet. The LEDs produce a full range of whites and colors and are compatible with Apple's HomeKit, so with voice control with Siri. This configuration does not require any additional concentrator.

If you are looking for a longer LED strip option, the LED strip connected to Minger's Wi-Fi network is waterproof, and can be controlled via the Govee app on your smartphone or with Amazon Alexa. The company does not recommend connecting multiple bands.

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