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Bitrix24 Review, Features and Pricing

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You want to get Bitrix24 for your business? Read on to find out more about its features, prices and reviews.

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In this article:

  1. What is Bitrix24?
  2. Features and benefits of Bitrix24
    1. Full of features to help small and medium businesses
    2. Provides tools that make time and task management more efficient
    3. Supervision and supervision of practical tasks
    4. Provides support for e-commerce
    5. Offers various methods of access
    6. Quick integration with other third-party software
    7. Easier communication with inter-office central messaging features
  3. Bitrix price24
  4. Bitrix24 Reviews

Bitrix24 Presentation, features and reviews

What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is a highly secure Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for small and medium businesses.

Definition of the CRM software: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an online platform that integrates all business activities into an ecosystem. It helps business owners automate tasks and monitor their sales pipeline.

It offers a multitude of different features that can meet all the needs of companies.

Bitrix24 is designed for stimulate collaboration and communication among the employees. It also brings effective data managementt through his cloud storage services.

By automating sales and marketing processes, Bitrix24 users can also benefit from advanced task management and improved team work.

Features and benefits of Bitrix24

1. Full of features to help small and medium businesses

With Bitrix24 CRM tools, small and medium businesses can get a panoramic view of the company, anytime and anywhere.

  • Automation of business processes – The Bitrix24 CRM platform can help you get rid of repetitive tasks through the automation of business processes. Your teams can better optimize business processes, from integrating employees to creating supplier invoices.
  • Includes tools designed to improve sales prospecting and achieve better marketing campaigns – The Bitrix24 CRM software provides tools for creating reports, sales analysis and target audience segmentation.
  • Intuitive software – The intuitive interface of the software allows your sales managers to monitor the company's sales funnel.
    • The interface allows you to create an unlimited number of pipelines. It also allows you to create multiple sales funnels to meet your products and services.
    • Apart from this, sales managers can also easily monitor the progress of each sales manager.
    • The interface allows the quick creation of funnel steps. A separate color can be assigned to different employees for better tracking progress.
  • Unique CRM Dashboard Design – Thanks to its unique CRM dashboard design, your managers can quickly take a picture of the number of contracts a team has won. This helps them find a member of the team faster and reward them accordingly.
    • Using the dashboard, your finance team can see which customers have not yet been billed. It also allows your sales team to set sales targets in either number of transactions or sales volumes.
  • Free Web Form Builder – Bitrix24 CRM tools also have a free web form generator. This can be used to create different forms and templates. These forms can be integrated with websites and public pages hosted by Bitrix24.
  • Provides direct access to social media pages – This allows your employees to interact with customers on different websites via Bitrix24.

2. Provides tools that make time and task management more efficient

Another feature that distinguishes Bitrix24 from other software is its effective project management tools.

It offers a wide range of organizational features that can improve the effectiveness of your team.

  • Project Groups – The software allows you to create separate groups for each of your projects. Each group can store all files, discussions, and tasks by project. You can customize the access settings for each group so that only authorized employees can access sensitive data.
  • Project Timeline Tools
    • Gantt Calendars and Charts – The software platform also allows its users to organize their calendar by creating calendars and a Gantt chart.
    • Task Dependency Analysis – Helps sales managers to establish logical relationships between tasks. Sales managers may also find it easier to monitor each agent's progress.
    • Customizable tools – The platform allows users to customize checklists, notifications and reminders. It also has a customizable task scheduler, which allows different teams to delegate and customize fields in each task. These can help different teams to easily evaluate different tasks and share models.

Definition of the Gantt chart: A Gantt chart is a type of chart showing the tasks, their respective status by task and the people in charge. This helps sales managers to monitor deadlines and identify potential delays.

3. Supervision and follow-up of practical tasks

A useful feature of Bitrix24 for sales managers is its task supervision module. This can help supervisors assess the effectiveness of employees while monitoring job reports.

  • Email integration for task assignments – The platform also allows your supervisors to list tasks from emails. It also allows business owners to detect recurring tasks to reduce turnaround times.
  • More efficient assignment and monitoring of tasks – In addition, the software can also allow your managers to assign counters and roles per project in an ecosystem. This allows managers to have a more holistic view of the status of each employee's tasks.
  • Kanban view – The "kanban view" of the software platform is also available for tasks and projects. This allows business owners to manage the workload of their employees so that tasks do not run late. It also allows supervisors to allocate how much time to spend on individual tasks.

Definition of Kanban view: A kanban view or board can visually represent tasks by showing a team's workflow and current progress. This helps Sales Managers to monitor all work items and limit current items.

4. Supports e-commerce

man using claculator | Bitrix24 Review, Features, and Pricing | bitrix24 crm

Using Bitrix24 CRM software for e-commerce

Bitrix24's flexible e-commerce software tools can also help you improve business results for your business.

These features can help you manage the processing of your inventory, sales and payments.

  • Easier calculation – The tools can also help you automate the processing and recording of invoices. You can easily calculate discounts, variable prices and shipping costs.
  • Help creating and monitoring websites – The platform allows you to use your own domain name and customize your own website templates. It can also help you copy web pages and take advantage of Google Analytics and Google Maps.
  • Store sales history – By recording your sales history, the software can speed up the release of sales reports and other financial reports.

5. Offers various methods of access

Bitrix24 is accessible via the cloud or on site with unique access to source code. Pricing is different depending on the type of access.

You can also install this software on your own company's server and customize it.

Bitrix24 also comes with its own mobile and desktop apps, available for iOS and Android devices.

6. Quick integration with other third party software

Bitrix24 also allows users to link to other software, such as Slack, Skype, Google Drive and Office 365. You can also integrate your platform to other online markets.

Thanks to the REST API in Bitrix24, you can also create your own applications. The API and the REST API are available in Cloud and on-site editions.

7. Easier communication with inter-office central messaging features

The messaging features of Bitrix24 are also remarkable for its users. It enables inter-company messaging via different channels and mobile messaging services.

  • Channels of the project – Through the platform, employees can assign a respective channel to each project. The interface also allows users to transfer conversations from one channel to another.
  • Limits of working hours – It also allows supervisors to create time limits.
  • Greetings and automated answers – Teams can also develop greetings and automated responses. These can be used to interact with customers from different social media platforms.

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Bitrix price24

As stated on the official website, prices are different for cloud and on-site access, respectively.

Different rates apply to small and medium businesses in need of CRM and professional job management.

Higher fees may be charged to companies requiring advanced project management and advanced automation tools.

The tariff plans of Bitrix24 are as follows:

Cloud plans

  • Free – For beginners, Bitrix24 offers a free trial. This gives access to a total of 12 users and an online storage capacity of 5 GB.
  • CRM + – $ 69 / month
  • Standard – $ 99 / month
  • Professional – $ 199 / month

On-site maps

  • Bitrix24.CRM (12 users) – $ 1,490
  • Business (from 50 to 500 users) – $ 2,990 to $ 14,990
  • Enterprise (options include 1000, 5000 and an unlimited number of users) – $ 24,990 – $ 59,990

For more information on what each plan includes, check out the pricing matrix on the official website.

Bitrix24 Reviews

The following reviews come from different users of the Bitrix24 platform. These come from Capterra, one of the leading software review websites in the United States.

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Hanne M | Bitrix24 Review, Features, and Pricing | bitrix24 crm

Jorge René A | man holding a laptop | Bitrix24 Review, Features, and Pricing | bitrix24 price

Bitrix24 is truly an online tool at the cutting edge of technology. It allows business owners like you to increase the productivity of everyone on board.

Bitrix24 pricing may depend on your business needs. You can evaluate which package is most useful for your business.

Have you tried Bitrix24? Share your experiences in the comments section below!


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