Forest Fire Leadership: Microscope Leadership

Do you expect to lead or learn to be a leader without exercising a
little energy? Leadership development is an active process that requires
commitment of supporters and leaders.

Like a wild land
professional fire, each of us has the duty to take care of those we
Lead or follow, those with whom we work and those we serve. This homework
demands that we take an active role in the level of leadership we find

So what does it mean to play an active role in the process? Let's go back to learning about science and cellular transportation.

The following Fuse School videos will provide a foundation on which to build.

Diffusion and osmosis


  • Biological principle: the particles are distributed evenly from an area of
    high concentration at a low concentration on a concentration gradient.
    • Leadership: Particles should spread in both directions.
  • Biological principle: No energy is spent.
    • Leadership: leadership is the action; energy required!
  • Biological principle: The transfer must be in gaseous or dissolved state.
    • Leadership: The transfer method is not limited.
  • Biological principle: a carrier protein can be used to facilitate the transfer.
    • Leadership: Mentors and coaches are excellent transfer assistants.


  • Biological principle: the movement is specific to water.
    • Leadership: The leader or follower can carry.
  • Biological principle: the movement is random.
    • Leadership: The intention is specific and the decision making well formed.
  • Biological Principle: From high concentration of water molecules to low concentration of water up to equilibrium.
    • Leadership: Learning can go through high or low concentration.
  • Biological principle: The cell may shrink or burst depending on the type of membrane.
    • Leadership: "Nourish" your people. Share appropriate information for sharing. Allow your team to grow and prosper.

Active transportation

  • Biological principle: You have to work. The energy is spent.
    • Leadership: Leadership is an active process. The energy is spent.
  • Biological principle: Protein carriers are needed. links are created for the transport.
    • Leadership: A leader can not lead without followers.
    • Leadership: Relationships matter.

Leadership Challenge in Forest Fires – Fucking A Little Further

Pam McDonald is a writer and publisher for BLM Wildland Fire Training and Workforce Development and a member of the NWCG Leadership Subcommittee. The expressions are those of the author.