General marine erosion in Ponnani, surrounding areas

Dozens of houses along the Ponnani coast and in adjacent areas were damaged by the rough seas dug in the coast where dikes were missing. President P. Sreeramakrishnan, who represents Ponnani in the Assembly, held an emergency meeting in his room and decided to complete the construction of the dike on the foot of the war.

Hundreds of people living on the coast in Aliyarpalli, Marakkadavu, Murinjazhi, Puthuponnani, Azhikkal, Veliyankode, Thannithura, Palappetty and Kappirikkad evacuated their homes under the threat of erosion of the sea. Most of them are settled in the homes of their loved ones elsewhere in the region.

District tax collector Amit Meena has asked the tax authorities to prepare for any eventuality. Relief camps have been set up at the ALP school in Anappadi, Ponnani; Fisheries UP School, Palappetty; and Anakath School, Veliyankode. However, no one has yet joined the relief camp. Mr. Meena asked the tahsildars to ensure that all the facilities, including drinking water, food, toilets and mattresses, are installed in the relief camps.

The Kerala Water Authority has promised to make drinking water available in areas where the sea has advanced on the coast. District Chief Medical Officer (DMO) K. Sakeena said that the wells contaminated with seawater would be subject to superchlorination. The municipality of Ponnani and Veliyankode and Perumpadappu grama panchayats prepared themselves to deal with the erosion of the sea. The worst coastal erosion occurred between Azhikkal and Puthuponnani, in the municipality of Ponnani, and in some places in the panchayats of Veliyankode and Perumpadappu.

Uprooted trees

Hundreds of coconut palms were uprooted in the fury of the sea. In addition to the revenue managers, MP E. Mohammed Basheer and several political leaders also visited areas affected by the worst erosion of the monsoon this year. Mr Basheer said efforts would be made to find a permanent solution to annual marine erosion in Ponnani. He added that the lack of funds has delayed the construction of dikes. Tahsildar M.D. Lalu accompanied Mr. Basheer.

The Indian Communist Party (ICC) has called for immediate relief for those affected by the erosion of the sea. Several IPC leaders led by A.K., a board member of the Kerala Fishermen's Welfare Fund. Jabbar visited the affected areas on Wednesday.

After the emergency meeting he had convened, Mr Sreeramakrishnan said that the election code of conduct had been in force for almost three months and that this had delayed the construction of the protective wall. He added that 13,000 lakh crowns had been approved for the wall.