"We will admit all those who are ready to face the TRS"

Six months ago, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won only one seat in the election in the Legislative Assembly of Telangana. It now has four seats in Lok Sabha, or 22 segments of the Assembly. The party chairman, K. Laxman, has seen the ups and downs in the space of a few months, but shows equanimity even as his days are getting longer and the phone is ringing twenty four hours a day for those wishing to join his party. In an interview with L & # 39; Hindu he tells us about the game plan of the party. Excerpts edited.

Everyone seems to rush to your party, does that mean you're going to admit everyone?

We opened our doors to all those who believe in the ideals of our party and the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Every day we receive calls from leaders from all parties, including Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). We do not promise any positions or positions and elections will be held in five years. Therefore, whoever comes forward should be ready to join us on the ground to fight against the autocratic TRS government and prove itself. Of course, we will be careful not to take into account those who have a case against them.

What makes you think that BJP will be TRS's main opposition given the "torrid, scorching" relationship between the parties?

This is the past. Our national leaders are now aware of their goal of winning the next Assembly elections in Bengal, Telangana and Odisha. The Congress Party is nowhere else with its leaders who have abandoned it to serve their personal interests and Telugu Desam is deserted. We will fill the political void as people realize that we are the real opposition and therefore have greater responsibility.

How do you react to Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao's accusation that the Modi government has not given a single paisa to the state in the last five years?

Without the help of the Center, not a single project could have been undertaken or completed and people are well aware of it. KCR has become intolerant of opposition and fails to digest the defeat of his daughter (Kavitha) and close associate (Vinod Kumar). Political violence has increased, as was the case during recent polls in the body where one employee of our party was killed and another brutally attacked. The situation is similar to that of Bengal.

How difficult was it to take advantage of the poor performance of the House polls and galvanize the party for LS polls?

We did not do well in the polls of the Assembly, but we competed independently without any alliance and we challenged all seats for the first time. At that time, I had already visited two districts in different programs and even the national party chairman, Amit Shah, came to spend a few days in the middle of summer in Nalgonda. This helped us identify wise leaders and understand the local problems that helped us in the Lok Sabha election.

After winning only one seat with 7% of the votes in the Assembly, did you really expect to win four LS seats with a 20% voting share?

We realized that the polls of the Assembly were about the KCR versus Congress-Chandrababu association and that the citizens, although dissatisfied with the "dictatorial family rule", voted for the TRS. The Modi factor came into play in the "national elections" and we could feel support for his government's rule of corruption-free development with social protection measures for all sections. I was expecting to win five, we won four, thanks to the work of grassroots workers and huge margins.

How do you intend to strengthen the party to prepare it for the next elections?

We received 36 lakh votes in this election (LS), so we must increase our cadres from 18 lakh to 36 lakh. We will also need to increase the number of booth committees from about 22,000 booths to 32,000 voting booths with a mix of social engineering so that our party members are present everywhere and in all sections.