"The water project for Kalaburagi will be completed in 5 years"

Minister of Urban Development, U.T. Khader announced that the much anticipated water supply project to provide drinking water permanently in the city will be completed in five years.

Speaking at a meeting on Tuesday, he said the project work of an amount of 750 crores of rupees would be canceled in three months.

"As the city's population grows, so does its demands. We are committed to providing basic infrastructure to residents. The current project is designed in such a way that it uses several water resources to meet the growing needs of the next thirty years, "he said.

Mr. Khader also announced that his department will allocate 150 crores of rupees to each city of 10 lakh or more for the development of an underground drainage system.

Social Affairs Minister Priyank Kharge stressed the need for all elected representatives to join the administration in eliminating encroachments on unlawful interference with government property in the city.

"Identifying illegal encroachment and getting statutory orders to erase them is a long-term challenge for local civic organizations. The encroachers normally put pressure on the administration through the elected representatives and even move the courts against any local government initiative against them. The cooperation and support of the people's representatives is imperative, "he said.