Best towels to bring to the beach

It may be time to replace your <em>Aristocats</em> Beach towel. "height =" 625 "src =" = "833" /></p>
<caption>It may be time to replace your <em>Aristocats</em> Beach towel. (Scott Young via Unsplash /)</caption>
<p>All beach towels are not identical. If you think about it, the considerations for a towel at the beach go far beyond a normal bath towel. Not only must they dry you after being wet, but they must remain as healthy as possible and must combat stains and odors from sunscreens, oils and the ocean. A beach towel does not have the luxury of being hung neatly over a bathroom rack or behind a door. It inevitably ends at the bottom of a beach bag or at the back of a trunk next to your half eaten sandwich or your sandy beach chairs.</p>
<p>If you are looking for the best beach towels, look no further. Here are our choices for the safest and most convenient options for bringing your beach or local watering point.</p>
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Super absorbent and fits comfortably around your waist. (Amazon/)

The Rumpl Shammy towel is soft, stain resistant and does not retain odors or sand. It measures 30 x 55 inches and weighs less than a pound. The best part: polyester and spandex dry quickly, so you do not have to put a wet towel in your suitcase.

This finer towel will dry faster than your usual beach mate.

This finer towel will dry faster than your usual beach mate. (Amazon/)

Microfiber towels are thinner than traditional terry towels. In addition, they are more absorbent and dry faster. This makes them perfect for the beach. These Bdsign towels measure 74 x 74 inches so that you and some friends can lie comfortably. It can be thrown into the washing machine and comes with a travel bag.

An extra-large towel to relax.

An extra-large towel to relax. (Amazon/)

These 78 x 35 inch microfiber beach towels dry three times faster than those you bought at the big box store in the summer of 2009. The material is smoother and softer than the sponge, while remaining very absorbent. These towels fold into a travel pouch, which means they can also help prevent your belongings from getting wet. They come in a handful of colors and patterns – you can even have one in the shape of a circle.

Light and perfect for the beach, the pool, the bathroom or the workout.

Light and perfect for the beach, the pool, the bathroom or the workout. (Amazon/)

Pesthemal cotton bath towels are thin enough to be light and dry quickly. These towels are large (39 x 70 inches), but as the weave is not very thick, it will not take much space in your beach bag. This set comes with six colors. Turkish towels also boast of being softer and more absorbent every time you wash them with their extra long cotton fibers.

The classic.

The classic. (Amazon/)

There is a place for the traditional beach towel on this list. If you do not want to waste a lot of money, get some cheap combed cotton beach towels. The towels in this pack of four seem to make the cover of a Beach Boys album. The 30 x 60-inch towels are machine washable and less absorbent than others I've tried, but light enough to take you to the beach.

A beach towel worthy of two.

A beach towel worthy of two. (Amazon/)

These woven towels measure 58 x 68 inches, almost twice the width of the Utopia napkin above. It's perfect for people who want to relax together or for a singleton who wants room for many snacks. The double-sided towel comes in four style options, but Summer Trellis is the most colorful and the most worthy of beaches. This option is a thicker velvet cotton, which means that it weighs just under 2.5 kg.

Now where can I get one for adults?

Now where can I get one for adults? (Amazon/)

This mischievous towel from TheCroco comes in four styles: blue shark, pink bunny, green dinosaur and pink dinosaur.