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Twice in as many months, a reader sent me an email asking me how to get a job in the sale. In both cases, the hiring managers did not hesitate to hire the person who sent me e-mails because their background was technical, that is, they did not play a role that would have required create and win new opportunities. Potential employers were interested but wanted to keep them in a technical position.

These two readers contacted me to inform me that they were now in a sales position after following my very simple and very simple advice. If you want to work in the sales sector, you can do something to make sure you get the job. However, let's first look at what makes it easier for those who want to occupy a sales position.

You have not really applied for the job

You can click on an application button on any of the job sites and receive an electronic version of your cover letter (if you have one) and your resume sent to the company that hires you. Since the job strategy is to facilitate the acquisition of a multitude of resumes by a company, you have probably received an email inviting you to click on the link to submit your resume at any interval of remuneration. you entered when registering on their platform. But you have not applied. Instead, you simply submitted your e-CV, like 300 other people.

Your resume is very similar to the 299 other resumes that hired the person who hired who flooded their inbox. Your approach was no different and if you did that, you decided the relationship was transactional. If you were a salesperson, this approach would be equivalent to e-mailing the PDF file of a sales sheet to the client of your dreams and what he calls you to invite you to a meeting or to spend a command.

I would like to tell you that none of this is your fault, that you are not responsible for the wrong approach because technology is leading the process. However, if you are a salesman, you must choose what is effective and not what is easy.

How to apply for a sales position

If you spend your time on social networks, you may be infected by the idea that impromptu calls no longer work and are no longer necessary, an idea that my friends and I have fought for a few years. This war has been waged and won, and no serious person who writes or works in or around sales thinks that the cold call is dead.

The person you are going to work for, if you are hired, expects you to make impromptu calls. They want to hire someone willing and able to take the phone, call a stranger and explain to him successfully why they should accept a meeting. You are applying to be a salesman, and prospecting is what sellers do. The hiring process is also a prospecting.

Of the 300 people who clicked a button and sent an email, about 0.0% of them will have done more than that to get the role open. It's easy to stand out among a crowd of people who will not do what's in their best interests.

If you want to fill a sales position, call the sales manager or vice president of sales and ask for an interview.

Prove that you are the right candidate

When a person hires to fill a vacancy, she tries to solve a problem. They need a solution, that is, they need an interlocutor to explore the changes they need, what the right solution looks like and who might be the best partner to help them get these results.

When you call the sales manager or vice president of sales, just say, "I'm calling to ask you for an interview. If you end up hiring me, I'll call your dream clients and ask them directly for an appointment. as I do now. Making this call makes it very difficult for the person on the other end of the phone to reject your service request because you will be doing one. You also express the will to participate in the only activity they would like to have more, namely outbound prospecting.

No hiring manager, sales manager or vice president of sales has any idea of ​​the performance of a newly recruited salesman, but these worry about knowing they're doing it. will explore and create new opportunities. Your call will resolve this concern in your favor, provided you have the assets to conduct an interview.

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