This bot mixes emoji to create disordered hybrids (which we like)

Every yearhe Unicode Consortium, the organization that oversees the development of emoji, adds new emoji ranging from hand gestures to objects. Now a bot on Twitter is trying to create new emoji by overwriting them.

Emoji Mashup Bot, built by student and developer Louan Bengmah, Takes two random emoji on Twitter and mixes their elements. Here are some fun to watch.

Bengmah uses a simple method to create these mashups. First of all, the bot separates different elements of the emoji like the base, the eyes, the mouth and the details.

Then you need some elements of both emoji according to the conditions specified by Bengmah – which you can see in the tweet below – and create the final emoji mashed.

The bot tweets a new emoji every hour. You can consult the project right here, and tweet @ us what mashups you would like to see.

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