Youth business idea: telephone clinics

Young man helping Abuela with a mobile phone

Easy summer business for teens: helping seniors with their cell phone.

Looking for the perfect instant summer business idea for young entrepreneurs? Try the telephone clinics.

I saw this idea come up at a meeting attended by a representative group from the city of Cathlamet, in Washington State. People of all ages were present: high school students, county commissioners, members of the chamber of commerce. One of the adults regretted not knowing how to solve a boring problem with his phone.

"It's easy," said one of the students. "I'll help you when it's over."

Immediately other adults took the floor. They also had phone problems! Could they get help?

It's a business idea! With just a sign and a few chairs, anyone with a passion for technology could set up a booth at an event. Set a price by work or time.

Elderly people who are online and in need of technical assistance are in high demand. Maybe not a full-time course, just a quick fix.

Especially in small towns, there are not many established alternatives, so there is not too much competition.

More help for youth engagement

Deb Brown and I share what we have learned by working with students and young people in small towns. Learn more about our video Connecting with Kids here.

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